Projects / Civil society and Roma participation in the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategy - guarantee for effectiveness

The project is 1-year initiative implemented by consortium of NGOs led by AMALIPE Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance in partnership with World Without Borders Association - Stara Zagora, New Road Association - Hairedin and Trustful Guardian Association - Burgas.

The project aims to ensure the inclusion of NGOs in the processes of formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies for Roma integration and efficient use of EU funds together with institutions at national, regional and municipal level. To achieve this aim, the project has the following objectives:
1. Establishment of institutional mechanisms for the participation of civil society and the Roma community in the implementation of the National Strategy for Roma Integration ( NSIR ): at national, at regional level in eight pilot regions and at municipal level in 18 municipalities.
2. Inclusion of NGOs in the creation of mechanisms for funding the implementation of NSIR and citizen participation in the process;
3. Inclusion of NGOs in the reform and development of the institutional framework for the implementation of NSIR at national, regional and municipal levels.
4. Making a framework for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of NSIR comprising contribution of civil society organizations and local communities.


The project time-frame is February 2014 - January 2015

The final report from the project can be downloaded from here


The project is financed by EEA Financial Mechanism / Norwegian Financial Mechanism through the Program for Civil Society Support operated by OSI - Sofia

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