01.10.2018Municipality of Antonovo cut the fees for attending kindergarten

Municipality of Antonovo cut the fees for attending kindergartens for all children. This was done by a decision of the Municipal Council of September 27, at the suggestion, made by the mayor Hayredin Mehmedov. Thus the municipality joined the group of municipalities that abolished any kindergarten fees. At present, such a decision has been taken by nearly 20 municipalities. More than 10 others have abolished mandatory pre-school age fees (5 and 6 years) but still collecting fees for younger children.

There is a single kindergarten in Antonovo, which has branches in four of the big villages in the municipality: Treskavets, Taymishte, Izvorovo and Stevrek. 20 teachers and assistant educators are taking care of about 140 children, who attend the kindergatrten. According to the mayor of the municipality, Hayredin Mehmedov, quoted by Darik, the positives of the measure can already been observed, since a dozen families have enrolled their children as soon as they learned of the dropping of fees.

The Campaign to cut  the fees for kindergarten in Antonovo Municipality was organized by Amalipe Center within the framework of the project "All in" coordinated by "World Without Borders" Association. The campaign in Antonovo was initiated by Neli Nikolova, regional coordinator of Amalipe and a municipal councilor in the municipality.

The number of municipalities that have abolished the fees for kindergarten is constantly rising. For example, in 2018 the fees were removed in Smyadovo, Devnya and a number of other municipalities. On June 1, the campaign "No fee kindergartens" was initiated by the National Ombudsman Maya Manolova.

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