05.08.2019The final conference of the FinanceGo Project was held in Krems, Austria



The Danube University in the town of Krems, Austria was a host to the partners in the “FinanceGo: Training educators to implement finance literacy courses for young adults at risk” Project on 29-30th of June. Center Amalipe, represented by Neli Nikolova, educational mediator, and Denitsa Ivanova, coordinator “Youth activities”, participated in the final conferenceof the project on 29th of July, as well as in the partners meeting on 30th of July.

 The FinanceGO Project is a two-year initiative,funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 : Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. The main goal of the project is to plan and develop a program for training for finance literacy, directed towards young people from vulnerable groups. The project upgrades the experience, developed during the Edufin Project.  The aim of the project is development of FinanceGo training methodology for courses for finance literacy for young adults at risk; training for educators in innovative methods for organizing the courses for finance literacy for young adults at risk; creating network of stakeholders, including educators who work with young adults in risk, local authorities, interested in ways for better inclusion of people at risk and covering the required finance education in adult education; supporting youth in risk with access to finance literacy with aim at social inclusion.


The results of the project were presented at the conference to the partners, which are ÁGORA, Spain (coordinator), FCS VILLA MONTESCA, Italy; WARWICK UNIVERSITY, England; DANUBE UNIVERSITY, Austria; AMALIPE,Bulgaria; FACEPA, Spain; as well in front of guests – experts from the educational and finance fields in Austria. There was an open discussion during which the participants discussed the level of finance education in the partner-states. Ideas were shared and many good practiced were discussed. The conclusion for every country was that in the mandatory school plan there is no subject “finance education” and in reality there is a great need for it. That is the reason why projects like this are extremely important for the modern way of living.

During the final work meeting, held on the next day, the partners discussed the upcoming activities, as well as the final version of the FinanceGo training kit, which will be ready and shared as an open resource in September.

More information about the project you can find here:

05.08.2019Experts from Center Amalipe participated in the making of the first European manifesto of the Roma woman.

On 29th and 30th of July in the heart of Romania – Timisoara, was held the first work meeting from the “Young voices” Project, dedicated to the social inclusion of the Roma women. In the project participate the nongovernmental organizations „Drom Kotar Mastipen“ – Spain,  „АID” - Greece, “II Timisoara” - Romania and Center Amalipe – Bulgaria.

During the two days the participants discussed on the important decision to be published the first Manifesto of the Roma woman. The idea for the manifesto was born on the Second International Congress of the Roma women in Barcelona, held in March 2018. Through the Manifesto the Roma women want to be heard, they declare their demand for equality, for access to education, for social inclusion. They want a place for sharing their experience, for encouraging one another, for supporting each other in persuading their dreams. With the Manifesto the Roma women want to secure their identity and to declare it without a doubt. The participants in the meeting were able to make a video with statements from the Manifesto that will be distributed in whole Europe. Silvia Stancheva and Nikolinka

Nikolova helped with the activities. 

During the meeting was discussed the sustainability plan so the activities of the project could be implemented even after its end date. Many meetings were planned with women young girls and students from the Roma community so they can be motivated and encouraged for improving their life.  

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