06.02.2018Free transportation for high school students

From the beginning of 2018, the MES covers the transport costs of high school students to the nearest school, educating in the chosen profile, whether it is in the relevant municipality or in another municipality. This became a fact when, through the State Budget Act for 2018,was changed Art. 283, para. 2 of the Educational Law, adding: "The state budget for transport is also provided for students who travel daily to the nearest school in another settlement where they are trained to acquire a qualification in a profession if such training is not carried out in the settlement where the student lives. "

This change will give the high school students from smaller municipalities the chance to travel for free to their chosen school. Until the entry into force of the Educational Law from August 1, 2016, the MES did not cover the transport costs of high school students, although in the ninth grade they are subject to compulsory daily education. The transport costs within the respective municipality began to be covered since 2017. It turned out, however, that this is not enough for rural students. In many of the smaller municipalities, there is only one high school with profiled classes and those wishing to study in vocational high schools (located in district towns or in neighboring municipalities) pay for their own transportation costs. The latter is a problem for the poorer families and causes some of the youngsters not to continue in secondary education or to restrict themselves to the schools, located in the municipality.

The means of transport to the nearest vocational high school will be transferred by the MES to the municipality where the school is located. The high school will require these funds from the municipality and will pay for the students. Schools provide information for traveling students at the beginning of the school year, but are currently updating this information. If schools do not seek support for traveling students, they will not be automatically provided.

Amalipe Center covers the transport costs of dozens of youths and girls from villages across the country to the secondary schools they are studying since 2011. This is done within the Equal Chance - Access to Secondary Education program, funded by the Trust for Social Achievement. Supported secondary school students also receive free textbooks. Support is not unconditional and may be terminated if students admit undesirable absents or reduce their success to Good. Students also commit themselves to youth volunteering.

Amalipe Center welcomes the engagement of the government with free transport for high school students! We urge students to be active and seek support from the high schools they study in!

06.02.2018Opportunity for schools, kindergartens, municipalities and town halls to apply for projects


Ministry of Environment and Water and the Enterprise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities

invites you to participate in


and apply on the topic:



Who can apply?

Eligible beneficiaries of the competition are municipalities, town halls, schools, kindergartens and Centers for Personal Development Support/ United Children's Complexes.


The funds for the upcoming Campaign will be allocated as follows:

1. For projects of municipalities and town halls up to BGN 10,000 incl. VAT with a total value of BGN 2 300 000;

2. For projects of schools, kindergartens and CPDS / UCC up to BGN 5,000 incl. VAT with a total value of BGN 1,200,000.


Deadline for application

The deadline for submission of projects is as follows:

- Schools, Kindergartens and Centers for Personal Development Support/ United Children's Complexes.- 16.02.2018;

- Municipalities and town halls - 02.03.2018

The announced competition is a very good opportunity for schools and kindergartens as well as for municipalities and town halls, as:

- the application forms are simplified, as well as the accountability itself.

- the funds allocated will finance a large number of projects;

- project funds, albeit relatively small, cover costs that cannot be covered by most other donors: landscaping costs, sports equipment, open-air playgrounds, eco-tourism, etc.

Amalipe Center will provide free assistance to schools from the network "Every student will be a winner" in the preparation of projects!

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