05.05.2008Roma organizations – together to support Baki Hyuseinov


On April 30 Bulgarian Prime-Minister S. Stanishev announced shortening in Council of Ministers: the number of deputy-ministers and deputy-district governors was reduced. Deputy-minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Baki Hyuseinov was layed off as part of the shortening.

The dismissal of B. Hyuseinov (from Roma origin himself) provoked sharp disagreement among almost all Roma organizations. Although controvercies among them exist from many years, Roma NGOs spontaneously united their efforts to express disagreement and to require Mr. Stanishev to preserve B. Hyuseinov as Deputy-Minister and Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

Fourty-three Roma organizations signed – in two days only – petition prepared by Deyan Kolev (Center Amalipe) and Petar Georgiev (Confederation of Roma “Europe”). It is expected that dozens of other Roma NGOs will join the petition after the end of the holydays in Bulgaria.

In the Petition Roma NGOs reguire Mr. Stanishev  to reconsider his decision for dismissal of B. Hyuseinov and for shortening of his office within the structure of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Remaining Mr. Hyuseinov also as Coordinator and the Decade of Roma Inclusion and establishing Secretariat of the Decade with participation of enough experts from Roma origin is also required in the Petition.

The Petition was sent to Prime-Minister Stanishev of May 4.

Twenty-four organizations signed and sent to Mr. Stanishev Open letter with similar requirments prepared by Toni Tashev, coordinator of Roma Education Fund for Bulgaria. Dozens of Roma NGOs spontaneously also sent their own letters to Bulgarian Prime-Minister.


The text of Petition prepared by Deyan Kolev and Petar Georgiev and signed by 43 Roma NGOs could be downloaded in Bulgarian here

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