24.06.2008Order about the preparation of Framework Program for Roma Integration was signed


On June 20 Deputy Prime-Minister and Chair of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Demographic Issue Emel Etem signed Order Р-48 about the preparation of updated Framework Program for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society.  The Order establishes Workin group with participation of the main instututions of the executive power, Roma NGOs, universities and independent experts. It is envisaged the establishment of working Sub-groups in the main fields of Framework program (education, health, living conditions, employment). October 31, 2008 is pointed as deadline for the Framework Program and Action Plan for 2009 to be voted in the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Demographic Issues; November 15 is the deadline for the documents to be presented in the Council of Ministers.

Sixteen representatives of Roma NGOs and donors working for Roma are included in the Working group: Deyan Kolev, Assen Kolev, Lilia Makaveeva, Svetlin Raykov, George Bogdanov, Nikolay Kirilov, Hristo Kyuchukov, Stefan Panayotov, Dimitar Georgiev, Vassil Chaprazov, Toni Tashev, Maria Metodieva, Svetlana Vasileva, Jivka Ivanova, Kalinka Vasileva and Miglena Mihailova. Roma experts in different administrations are also included, such as Iosif Nounev and Ahmed Ahmed.

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