02.10.2008Training of policemen

Training of policemen for effective work in Roma community took place in Pernik on September 30. It was organize by Police Office – Pernik within the project “Let’s save the human live and the flora...” Deyan Kolev, chairman of Center “Amalipe” was the lectiurer of the training.

Most of the things people perceive about Roma are prejudices: negative or positive.  Often features that characterize small percent of Roma or even one person are transmitted as “typical Roma / Gipsy features” by the so-called “public opinion”. This leads to stigmatization of Roma. – explained Deyan Kolev – For you is important to know the cultural and social specific of Roma in your region in order to work successfully with them. At the same time do not perceive the features of Roma in Pernik as features of all Roma in Bulgaria. The situation often differs from neighborhood to neighborhood in one the same town as  in Pernik is.

The lecturer got the participants familiar with the specifics of the leadership in Roma community, ways for interacting with Roma authorities, inner-group division within Roma community, etc. He stressed the necessity of engaging Roma in solvoing all problems and provided successful practicies in this direction.


The project “Let’s save the human live and the flora...” aims at stopping the illegal extraction of coals. Several activities are included in the project: preparing and distributing information materials among Roma in “Rudnitzar” neighborhood, organizing 4 meetings with citizents of the neighborhood, “From door-to-door” campaign, planting trees. It is also envisaged the youngsters from the neighborhood to be introduced in the possibilities for applying for a job in the police office and the requirements for becoming a policeman


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