05.10.2015Upcoming: Roma Pride in Bulgaria

For the fifth consecutive year, the European anti-racist movement and 22 partner organizations from across Europe campaigned Roma Pride - Day of the Roma culture and pride. It will start on October 4 and will continue with events during the next week in 14 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine. In Bulgaria events will be organized by Amalipe and "World without Borders".

The campaign is calling for more tolerance and acceptance of Roma people by presenting the richness of Roma culture and the contribution of Roma in European history. In 2015, the campaign takes place with the disclosure of the manifesto "Dignity for Lety" who calls for the removal of a pig farm, located on the ruins of the former concentration camp in Lety, Czech Republic, where tens of thousands of Roma were killed at the time of WWII. The manifesto has already been signed by 73 MEPs in the next week it will be proposed to MEPs from Bulgaria. More information on the petition can be found at

Within the campaign Roma Pride - Day of the Roma culture and pride, Amalipe and "World Without Borders" - Stara Zagora organize numerous events, including:


Meeting with Roma students from Stara Zagora or studying in Stara Zagora will be held in the town. The purpose of the meeting is for young people to share their dreams for the future, difficulties that have been overpassed in their desire to get a good quality education, but mostly to show that Roma education young people are no exception, and that is cause for pride .


Volunteers to "Amalipe" will organize campaign infront of the post office in the town of Veliko Tarnovo at 6 p.m. during which they will invite passers-by to take pictures with Roma symbols - flag, headscarf, tambourine, loincloth with gold coins, etc. This will express respect and commitment to Roma traditions and holidays. Then the most successful photos will be uploaded to the site in a peculiar exhibition of tolerance.



Photo exhibition "non-Bulgarians"

At 6 p.m. in Rafael MIhajlov Art halls will be open an exhibition of 30 photographs that show foreigners carrying Bulgarian symbols. These are people with different fates and professions - from educators to entrepreneurs and refugees living in poverty or in camps. Except through pictures, they will also tell their personal stories. Why did they come to Bulgaria? What do they like here? How  were they accepted by Bulgarians? Is it hard to do business and live here if your skin is darker or lighter with several tons? Every visitor will be donated booklet, which has collected the photos and personal stories of the heroes of the exhibition. The exhibition will remain in Turnovo until October 12.

Center for Community Development and Strajica  and local club in Vinograd together with students from "Angel Karaliychev" highschool will organize the celebration, which will present the story "Legend of Roma," "Gypsy Dance", "Indian dance" songs etc.

Center for Community Development Knezha will also involve in the celebration of Roma Pride. At 3 p.m. in the city center moderators and volunteers will distribute handmade greetings cards and balloons on the occasion of the Roma culture and pride.

Center for Community Development Pavlikeni will organize a football tournament and a drawing competition.


Theatre play "One night in the lair"

The act will be held in Veliko Turnovo. The performance is looking at the beautiful strand of Roma tradition, lifestyle and spirit! Messages provoke the audience to realize that the change and way to integration happens after personal awareness and faith in the potential, but also when both parties shake hands and work together! So, as the main actors in the play.

Before the start of the theatrical spectacle the two moderators- Denitsa Ivanova and Nikolai Benchev will present the holiday Roma Pride - what we celebrate, how do we celebrate it, since when and other interesting facts about the holiday. The script will be developed on Bulgarian and Romani languages. They will read a few verses of Roma poets.

Numerous events will be held in schools throughout the country.
Information will be published soon


For more information: Vanya Dimitrova, 0882 540209

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