04.02.2009Roma organizations prepared draft for Framework Program for Roma Integration

Roma organizations and experts included in the Working Group for preparing new Framework Program for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society (FPEIRBS) and other Roma organizations prepared integral draft for the Program. It summarized the suggestions raised during 6 Regional discussions in October and during the National Meeting of Roma Organizations that took place in Sofia on December 9. It also develops the ideas from the Declaration for Roma Integration Actions signed by 91 organizations during the National meeting. The draft proposed preserves and further develops the values of the old FPEIRBS, it reflects the expectations of vast layers of Roma community and meets the challenges of EU accession. The draft includes not only suggestions of civil society and Roma community but also texts proposed by Ministry of education and other institutions following the idea that every national document should be result of a broad consensus.

Deyan Kolev (Center Amalipe), Lili Makaveeva (Integro Association), Nikolay Kirilov (Roma-Lom Foundation), Stefan Panayotov (Health of Roma Foundation), Gancho Iliev (World without Borders Association), Daniela Mihailova (Equal Access Initiative), Teodora Krumova (Center Amalipe) and Milen Milanov (Diverse and Equal Association) prepared the chapters of the final draft. It will be put forward to the Chair of the Working group and Chair of NCCEDI Emel Etem with request to be voted in the Council of Ministers. 

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