08.02.2017Amalipe promoted the hiring of Roma in the Real Business

Activation of unemployed Roma from Krichim, Perushtitsa and Stamboliyski, directing them to companies from Trakia economic zone and assisting in the preparation of documents for job applications are the activities, which Amalipe Center implemented to support increased levels of employment in the Roma community in Plovdiv. The initiative is by the Trust for social achievement and Job Tiger, and Amalipe Center perform those activities in the local community.

Representatives of seven companies from Cluster Trakia economic zone are hiring workers for their developing industries. There are various positions available, requiring different level of education, as part of the positions do not require any education or experience. The companies presented vacancies and requirements to them in different municipalities and even regions. Interviews with the candidates could be made on the spot. They also presented information on opportunities for moving and living conditions in Plovdiv. Plovdiv municipality declares its support for the project and willingness to provide enough places in kindergartens and schools for enrolling children. The key is to build housing for industrial workers, which is about to happen within a project of "Cluster Trakia economic zone." Workers from the region of Plovdiv has free transport. The initiative of Trust for social achievement and Job Tiger aims to support candidates from vulnerable groups to apply for the positions offered.

At the meeting, held in Stamboliyski on 4 February, which was attended by over 300 people interested in the advertised jobs, over one third of them were Roma from the region. They shared their concerns of discrimination in hiring,and were categorically assured by employers that are looking for workers without distinction of ethnicity and religion. Assistants of Amalipe helped more than 40 of the applicants to prepare their documents.

Forthcoming infodays in northwestern Bulgaria: Lom - February 6; Knezha - February 6; Koynare - February 7; Montana - February 7; Krivodol - February 8; Mizia - February 8; Byala Slatina - February 9. The infodays will be organized by "New Road" Association.

The success of the initiative would help to create a model for recruitment of vulnerable people real business in a growing economy situation.

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