30.05.2017A RARE project partner meeting was held in Bucharest

Representatives of Amalipe Center participated in a peer-to-peer meeting on the RARE project - Changing Discourses. Changing Practices: Roma as a Human Resource. The meeting took place from 24 to 26 May 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. Participants were representatives of organizations from Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova - project partners.

During the meeting, the progress of the partner organizations in the first stage of project implementation was monitored, with organizational questions on preparing the forthcoming activity reports and marking the main tasks in the next reporting period.

Two thematic workshops were held. Within the first, good practices from the participants' experiences were discussed. On behalf of Amalipe Center, Desislava Stefanova presented the work of the community development centers established by the organization and their importance for the modernization and empowerment of the Roma community in Bulgaria from inside the community. Maria Barneva, a representative of Lyaskovets Municipality, an associate partner of the project, pointed out that there are about 30% of the Roma population in the region, with most of them not participating openly on the labor market. There is an obvoius tendency to develop and improve the skills of the Roma in the municipality in order to increase their competitiveness on the labor market by the Roma themselves and by local institutions.

During the second workshop, the pilot activities that the organizations will launch locally in September 2017 were discussed. The participants chose a theme of the general campaign to raise the sensitivity and tolerance that all participants will conduct locally in their countries.

It was also the first time, that the members of the Advisory Board had a meeting.

A preparatory training was included in the program to provide participants with additional information on how to use traditional and social media to promote their activities and campaigning. Partners learned from media experts the tools, techniques and methods for marketing, sensitisation and social mobilisation (incl. social media marketing, creating public awareness & social mobilisation techniques).

The trainer was Tudor MUSAT. Tudor is a broadcast journalist with nearly 25 years of experience and a certified trainer. Currently TV anchor and moderator at Digi24 national news network, Tudor was previously a talk-show host and anchor at Realitatea TV news channel, and Radio Total and Realitatea FM radio networks. He was also a broadcast journalist and producer at BBC World Service, London, for two years.As a journalism trainer, he teaches TV reporting and interviewing techniques at Media FEM and The Nest Project and is a regular guest speaker at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Bucharest. 


More information about the project here.

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