03.10.2017Initiatives of Amalipe Center for ROMA PRIDE 2017

The day of Roma pride and culture gives publicity to what remains hidden to the public. This day celebrates the unknown face of the Roma community which is colorful, diverse, and festive. Most of the successful Roma people are unknown to the mass audience where only the negative prejudices are shown and discussed. Roma Pride is the time for Roma people to raise their voices for change and equality. 

Teachers, parents, students and representatives of Center Amalipe from all regions of Bulgaria are organizing various initiatives showing the diversity of the Roma culture and traditions all united by the common idea that the sun shines equally for all of us! 

Community Development Centers, established in the towns of Veliko Turnovo, Dolna Banya, Byala Slatina, Zlataritsa, Strazhitsa, Pavlikeni and Novi Pazar, by Amalipe Center will conduct series of events along with the local schools and institutions to manifest Roma culture and traditions and challenge stereotypes and prejudices.

•On the 5th of Oct 2017 in 18:30 in Veliko Tarnovo University conference hall will be held a discussion on the topic “Together in our differences“. The event is a joint initiative of Amalipe Center and the volunteer club to the Pedagogical faculty of Veliko Tarnovo University, tutored by prof. Mandeva.

•A celebration in Byala Slatina will be held in the Local Community center. The event will include Indian dances, historical data for The Day of Roma culture and pride, and recital of the poetry of the Roma poet Usin Kerim, as well as an exhibition of knitting and traditional meals prepared from volunteers.

•Students from the local school in Zlataritsa will create a shape of a tree made of hand stamps with different colors symbolizing the diverse ethnic groups in the world. 

•In Strazhitsa there will be a discussion on “Things we don’t know about Roma”, different topics regarding tolerance and relations of people, the way we perceive the differences that surround us. 

•In Pavlikeni and Novi Pazar, Roma Pride will be celebrated with football games between the local schools. 


All the initiatives aim to promote inclusion and tolerance.

Detailed information and photos of the events see on www.romadevelopment.org


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