10.10.2017The situation in Catalonia by Professor Dronzina

After Granada, Catalonia is the Spanish province with the largest Roma population, with tens of thousands of Bulgarian citizens living there.  Amalipe Center works in partnership with Roma organization Drom Kotar Mestipen, located in Barcelona for years. We also worked together with Professor Tatiana Dronzina, who is a lecturer in different parts of Spain, including Barcelona. Currently Professor Dronzina is in Spain and her articles are among the most reliable information about what is happening there.

Below we publish two articles, written by Professor Dronzina about the demonstrations organized by the Catalan Civil Society. Comments may vary. But the obvious thing is that civil society is more mature than politicians ... 



Demonstrations were held today in different parts of Madrid for United Spain. The largest one, of about 50,000 citizens, according government officials, gathered on Christopher Columbus Square at 12 o'clock in the morning, chanting "Puchdemon in Prison", "Rahoy, Do Something," and "Do not talk to coupers." The demonstrators also supported the national police and civilian guards. The event was organized in the name of "law, constitution and civil state". People had come with their families and had fun singing and dancing. There were about 1,500 people in Madrid's Square Sibeles. "Catalonia, you are not alone" and "Madrid is with the people of Catalonia" were other of the slogans raised. Many waved the national flag of the country.

About 5,500 people gathered in Barcelona. There were no flags, the people were dressed in white, and they were raising white posters with inscriptions to support the dialogue between Madrid and Catalonia - "Do your job" and "Speak". Some political leaders, such as Ada Kolau, the mayor of Barcelona, and Miguel Iseta, the leader of the Catalan Socialists, were also there, explaining that they were representing themselves, not their parties. Through his Twitter account, the mayor spread the following message: "Thousands of people today send a message to the politics: Today, courage means listening and talking." Before they departed, protesters clasped their hands and the cameras showed a couple of newlyweds just coming out of the municipality that crossed the show and were widely welcomed by all. The silence of the opponents of the unilateral declaration of independence was overcome and that day their voices were part of the political panorama of Catalonia.

Demonstrations were held in Vallensia, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria and other places in the country.

The Socialist leader said he would support the government if Catalunya proceeded to unilaterally independence.

Demonstrations made today can not be compared to the massive civil mobilization, organized last Sunday. But, conducted peacefully and without any violence, they showed that a significant proportion of the Spanish and Catalans overcame the drunkenness of independence, which has badly affected both parts. 



The Barcelona unity demonstration, organized by the non-governmental organization, Catalun Civil Society, began at 12 o'clock . The streets are full, some of the subway stations are not functioning due to overload. Most TV and news sites live. There are Spanish and Catalan flags, as well as EU banners. Catalan politicians supporting the unity are seen in front. At 12.15, Rahoy spread the following message in the social networks: "Let us regain our intelligence (this is part of the slogan under which the demonstration was called) for the sake of democracy, constitution and freedom. To preserve the unity of Spain. You are not alone. "

Many citizens from other parts of the country have traveled hours to support the event. The final speech was delivered by the Nobel laureate for literature, writer Mario Vargas Liosa - well known to Bulgarian readers with his wonderful novels, translated into Bulgarian. The previous President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell was also present. People carried posters with "Nobody and nothing can divide us"; "Feeling, Feeling, Europe is here"; "No to coup"; "We are all Spain"; "Catalonia is Spain". Manifestants applauded the police and agents, guarding public order.

Representative of the government to the manifestation is the Minister of Health Ms. Dolores Montserrat, accompanied by other politicians from the capital's People's Party. The People's Party and Ciudadanus have officially joined the show, with almost all of the leadership here. Part of the Catalan socialists, although in a personal capacity, are also here.

According to organizers, between 930,000 and 950,000 people were present. Other counted more than a million participants.

The manifestation took place without violence. Meanwhile, the most popular melody in Spanish discos became the national anthem, which, unlike the hymns of others

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