05.04.2018Deputy Head of the German Embassy, Mr. York Schuegraf visited Center Amalipe

The Head of the political department of the Embassy of Germany in Bulgaria Mr. York Schuegraf and his team visited Center for interethnic dialog and tolerance “Amalipe” in Veliko Tarnovo on 19th of March 2018. During the meeting in front of the guests were presented the main activities of the Center and the programs, that organization is working on for more than 8 years. 

During the meeting the diplomat stated, that the German embassy is highly engaged with providing a solution for the problems of the Roma people in Europe and sees Amalipe as the most active Roma organization and values highly the opinion of its experts. Future joint initiatives were discussed, especially in the field of professional education and following employment.  Mr. Schuegraf was presented with information about the main Roma groups in Bulgaria and their specifics , as well as information about the main groups which representatives emigrates abroad, especially in Germany. Mr. Deyan Kolev suggested the idea of creating joint informational system between Germany and Bulgaria for monitoring the emigration of students, traveling with their families abroad, so they can go back to school if eventually they return to Bulgaria. The idea of advertising low populated regions in Bulgaria, from which there are a lot of emigrants in Germany, so that German investors, that have hired Bulgarian citizens, can move part of their  manufacture in Bulgaria. 

Mr. Schuegraf presented the European Roma Institute for art and culture (ERIAC). ERIAC is an association, registered under the German law on 7th of June 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The main goals of ERIAC are to educate and inform the non-roma population about the Roma art and culture and to help for reaching tolerance and mutual respect between Roma and the non-roma communities, as well as increasing the awareness in the European institutions, representatives and all stakeholders about the role of the Roma art and to create broad partnership in Europe ( and outside of Europe) for supporting Roma art, culture and communities. 

Deyan Kolev, Dessislava Stefanova, Andrey Iliev and Teodora Krumova invited Mr. Schuegraf to welcome a student from the student parliament, winner in the concurs “Why secondary education?”, in the Embassy, so the student can be an ambassador for a day. Excited by the idea, Mr. Schuegraf offered to welcome 2 students, as he made a promise to show them the activities of the deputy-ambassador. 

The initiative   “School leaders – ministers and ambassadors for a day” is organized in honor of 8th of April – The International Roma Day. 

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