15.01.2019The Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in Bulgaria is available in Bulgarian

The Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in Bulgaria. Focused on the structural and horizontal prerequisites for successful implementation of the strategy is already available in Bulgarian. 

It was built in 2017-18 by the Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe", "World Without Borders" Association, Indiroma Social Foundation, the Roma Academy for Culture and Education and the Gender Alternatives Foundation, and with the help of the following authors:


• Chapter "Management" - Alexey Pamporov, Gancho Iliev, Milena Ilieva (World Without Borders Association);

• Chapter "Anti-Discrimination" - Nikolay Bliznakov (Indiroma Social Foundation);

• Chapter "Anti-Gypsism" - Stela Kostova (Roma Academy for Culture and Education);

• Impact of basic education policies on Roma - Deyan Kolev (Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance);

• Local research in Plovdiv - Rada Elenkova (Gender Alternatives Foundation).


External experts were included as reviewers, namely Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yosif Nunev and Lalo Kamenov. The overall development of the report is coordinated by Amalipe Center.

The report was prepared in the framework of the Capacity building for Roma civil society and strengthening its involvement in the monitoring of national Roma integration strategies Pilot Project. The pilot project is carried out by the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers. It is coordinated by the Center for Policy Studies of the Central European University, in partnership with the ERGO Network, the European Roma Rights Center, the Secretariado Gitano Foundation, the Roma Education Fund and is run by around 90 non-governmental organizations and experts from 27 Member States.

The report can be found in the "Publications" section at


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