25.04.2019Seventh National Conference From Innovative Model in Class to Innovative School in Multicultural Environment: Reports and Discussions

For the seventh consecutive year Amalipe Center organized a National Conference "From Innovative Model in Class to Innovative School in Multicultural Environment" as part of the series of events, titled "PERSPECTIVES FOR SCHOOLS WORKING IN MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT", held at Rachev Residence Hotel, Arbanassi in the period 16-18 April 2019.

On 17th and 18th of April in one of the most fabulous places near Veliko Tarnovo - Arabanassi was held the VII Scientific and Practical Conference "From Innovative Model in Class to Innovative School in Multicultural Environment" with the participation of nearly 200 school principals from the "Every student will be a winner" network.

The conference was opened by Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and greetings were made by the District Governor of Veliko Tarnovo - Prof. Lubomira Popova and the President of Amalipe Center - Mr. Deyan Kolev. 

The first session took place with great interest, Minister Sacheva answered in details to all the questions concerning not only the new educational programs, but also issues, occured in the schools as a result of their implementation. Deyan Kolev presented a plenary report entitled "Current Political and Social Context of Educational Integration", summarizing the main challenges in education - eg. dropping out of school, incl. due to migration abroad, the increasing secondary segregation and hate speech. "The first victims of accidents like Gabrovo, Voyvodinovo, Garmen are children because they stop attending school," Kolev said. We saw this a week ago in Gabrovo. In January the fanfare about the destruction of the Vojvodinovo neighborhood prevented the question of what was going on with students who could not be enrolled to another school, since it was less than a month before the end of the term." The report also presented the evaluation of 200 school principals for the policy steps taken. 

Dr. Boyan Zahariev emphasized the need for successful practices to be summarized in theoretical models and vice versa. In view of the many creative teachers who continually try to make innovations in class, Bulgaria has the chance to offer a variety of models that can be applied in other countries as well.

The first panel "From Innovative Model in Class to Innovative School in Multicultural Environment" was moderated by Prof. Maria Baeva from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Eleven reports were presented in the panel from the schools in the towns of Senovo, and Pavlikeni, Dobrotitsa village, Medkovets village, Dalgo pole village, Karadjovo village, Sotirya village, Sborishte village. Biserka Dimitrova - educational expert and Stefan Stefanov - educational mediator at Amalipe Center shared some good practices from their work. The reports were focused on the implementation of working models and the results achieved from the application of innovations in intercultural environment, as well as the different possibilities for their financing. 

The pedagogical conference continued on the second day in two parallel sessions, namely: "Innovative Models in Primary School: Presenting Good Practices" and "Innovative Models in High School Education: Presenting Good Practices". Moderators were Neli Nikolova and Biserka Dimitrova - educational experts at Amalipe Center. Principals and teachers from the schools in Tarnak, Shumen, Varna, Selanovtsi, Dalgo pole, Tishevitsa, Banitsa, Byala Slatina, Medkovets, Radomir, General Toshevo, Suhindol, and Dolni Tsibar tookpart in the sessions. Yonka Danova, Silvia Stancheva, Valeri Lekov and Janna Vasileva from the organization's educational team also took part by presenting good practices. The attendees watched with great interest the presentation of practical models for attracting business to the training process and the successful realization of graduating students on the labor market, as well as innovative models applied in unified and secondary schools, as well as in vocational schools. Elisaveta Bagryana Vocational school in Byala Slatina has arranged a special stall, which has exhibited models that received a number of awards from the national competitions of the vocational high schools. A group of students from the Hristo Smirnenski secondary school in the town of Koynare also participated at the conference, presenting their idea to study the history of their hometown and to collect it in a book. 

The national conference took place with the kind support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Trust for Social Achievement, longterm partners of Amalipe Center in the successful introduction of models for working in a multicultural environment.

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