09.07.201979 schools and kindergartens are receiving funds for working with parents under the national program Together for every child

Seventy-nine schools and kindergartens are receiving funds under the "Good Practices for Working with Parents of Preschool and School Education Institutions" component of the national program "Together for Every Child". The total funding of the component is BGN 151,653 with the value of a single project varying to 2000 BGN.

The projects of 27 kindergartens, 24 primary schools, 13 secondary schools, three unified schools, nine vocational high schools and three elementary schools were supported. A total of 17 of these educational institutions are located in villages and the rest are in small and big towns. The trainings within the module need to be provided by external experts or juridical entities.

Eligible activities on the component include:

- Information campaigns on the role of education among parents, and the community where children live;

- Activities to involve parents / families in school life, and motivating them to educate their children through trainings, group discussions, lectures, etc .;

- Trainings for parents to recognize and prevent negative events between children and students, such as discrimination, aggression, violence, harassment, etc .;

- Organizing initiatives to promote good practices in the interaction of institutions to enroll and involve children and students in education.

The module and the entire national program were piloted in 2018 and the interest in them was extremely high. During 2019 hundreds of schools have applied to work with parents. Unfortunately, the limited funding for the module has led to the fact that most of these projects will not be supported, although their value in 2019 is significantly lower than in the previous year.

Center Amalipe wishes success to all supported schools and kindergartens. We also turn to our partners from the Ministry of Education and Science to support the expansion of the module funding in the coming year, making it possible to approve a significantly larger number of schools and kindergarten projects. 

List of approved schools and kindergartens see here

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