02.01.2020With gratitude and hope for 2020

Smiles, tears, happiness, dreams and pain - we'be had everything in 2019. And at its end, it is time to appreciate and thank for every moment, every friend, every partner. Even to those who haven't understood us - thank you for teaching us the importance of continuing to work, even working harder to make you understand our cause: to make every child smile.

We thank all the children who have participated in Amalipe Center activities during the year: volunteers, representatives of student parliaments, students involved in various projects. Thank you for every initiative, campaign, idea, conversation, smile - you teach us how small we all are and how important it is never to lose the child in ourselves. Throughout the year, we've met so many inspiring young people that the pessimists saying that there was no hope in today's generation, could only envy us. On the contrary, hope is all around us.

We thank the parents who despite the artificial panic and the fears that were planted, believed in us and trusted us; to all active parents who participate in parenting clubs, all mediators or simply representatives of the community who are constantly striving to change the environment from within; that support children and help them find themselves. Without you, nothing could have happened!

We thank all the teachers and principals we work with. Your never-ending energy infects us and reminds us that we are working for one common goal - to make each student have a better future. We want to tell you that no matter if you are taking care about 40 or 400 children; whether your school is elementary, united, professional or secondary; in a village, town, city or capital, you are HEROES and create WONDERS. You do not give up no matter how difficult it is. You are much more than enlighteners: for many of these children, you are more than parents. Last week, a first grade student at one of our schools received the first birthday cake of her life. The cake that was presented to her by the teachers and the principal. This child's sparkling eyes make sense!

We also thank all the associates, partners, organizations and institutions we have worked with throughout the year. Without the efforts of all of you, the necessary changes would not have happened. And they happen - step by step.

We wish you all an even more inspiring 2020. Let's not stop seeing the point. We want cohesion, acceptance and understanding. We wish you / us together to make many more kids smiling like the ones in the picture. Let us be patient and keep pace with our shared dream - make every child feel at ease, loved and successful! We wish you courage, faith and warmth in your souls! Keep changing the world!

Happy New Year! Bahtalo Nevo Bresh!

From Amalipe Center team

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