26.03.2020National campaign 'Old Devices for a New Beginning' in support of education

Dear friends (I dare to turn to everyone, because what the crisis has managed to do is make us friends)

Humanity faces one of the greatest ordeals that the world remembers and is forced to survive in extraordinary conditions, which present us with many challenges every day, but also opportunities to build, to unite, to rethink all values, and most for a new beginning.

One of the biggest challenges in social exclusion is to prevent one of its driving mechanisms from being denied, the heart of the community - education. The solution to this is in distance learning, which has tested all those involved in the educational process who have the difficult task of keeping their heart pounding, even in such extraordinary conditions. At the same time, however, distance education allows us to take a step that we have never had the courage to do. Unfortunately, however, in an economic and social crisis, poverty is a crucial condition for access to education because it is now accessible only in virtual environments using modern technologies.

Hundreds of powerful, knowledgeable and self-seeking children remain isolated from this lifeboat because their standard of living, through no fault of their own, cannot cover the bottom of the pyramid of our needs right now, except that they live in extremely difficult conditions, the lack of devices to study remotely, along with their other peers, robs them of their only chance to escape from this misery. Education is their only chance to change their lives on their own and prove to everyone that any child can succeed if there is someone who truly believes in it! Our mission is to give every child a chance to reinvent themselves, to change their destiny, and to set examples for others to believe that together we can succeed in everything.

Poverty restricts equal access for all children to quality education and these children will not cope without our help! A survey by Amalipe Center last week of nearly 200 schools found that in a quarter of them, more than 50% of children did not have access to devices through which they could participate in online learning.


The Amalipe Center supports the appeal of some schools that have already started with this and announces a National Campaign to Donate Old Devices to a New Beginning in Support of Education!

Technologies are advancing at an incredible pace, and in order to absorb an increasing amount of information, it is increasingly necessary to replace our electronic devices with newer and more up-to-date configurations. We ask companies, organizations and individuals who have old and unnecessary but working equipment or have the opportunity to purchase one with parameters that meet the needs of distance learning, to help by contacting the schools in need directly. The table we apply to each school it may list the needs it has to make the support specific and targeted to a particular school. The Amalipe Center can also assist in getting the facilities provided to specific schools.

Anyone who decides cannot just donate a device, but can "adopt" a school or a particular child / children, ie. continue to receive information on how the school and its children develop, which will receive an equal chance of education thanks to the particular donor.

Contact person:

Nelly Nikolova 0888-67-16-61,

Galina Decheva - Stoykova 0884912-507,

Any of us who have old and unnecessary equipment - a tablet or a laptop - can also help, because even with one device that will help one child, we will give hope that every child can change our world tomorrow!

By supporting children today, we care about our tomorrow and the example we will give to generations to come!

Thank you for being together!

Here is a link to campaigns that some schools have already launched

Campaign of 75 Todor Kableshkov Primary School - Sofia

Campaign of Vasil Levski Primary School, Karadzhovo Village and Hristo Smirnenski Primary School - Novo selo village, district Plovdiv

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