06.04.2020Educational mediators distribute educational materials in neighborhoods of children who do not have access to distance education

As the national campaign organized by the Amalipe Center - 'Old Technique for a New Beginning', runs, educational mediators distribute educational and information materials in neighborhoods and neighborhoods. The aim is to cover as many neighborhoods and neighborhoods as possible so that more information can be made available to citizens in populated areas. At the same time, it aims to reach all children who cannot participate in distance learning by providing study materials, worksheets to address by educational mediators prepared by teachers and class leaders. Again, this week we will take the time to familiarize ourselves with the work of educational mediators in times of crisis.

Educational mediator Tihomir Georgiev from the Krivodol municipality daily walks the neighborhood and distributes information and training materials to children who cannot participate in e-learning. Parents are most grateful that their children are not forgotten, but every day they are provided with what they need to learn and not lose material. This, on the one hand, engages parents to be more active in their guidance to children. Tihomir says that there is nothing better for the benefit of society in such a situation, everyone knows him and trusts him.

At V. Levski Primary School in Gradishte, educational mediator Mehriban Shenol Mehmed traveled 80 km to provide study materials to students who do not have internet. The area of ​​the school comprises seven villages that need to be circumvented so that no child is left outside the education system. She shares that regardless of distance and risks, every child deserves to receive the necessary care and attention.

The educational mediator, Anelia Ilieva, travels around the children of Borovan to provide the needy children with tablets provided by the school. It is important for every child to be involved in distance education so that they do not lose the much needed teaching material, so teachers, principals, educational mediators make a concerted effort to reach the educational material to reach all children.

In addition to distributing educational and information materials, educational mediators also collect information about the situation in the settlements, as well as to ensure that the preventive measures are observed and to monitor the compliance of the quarantine period by newcomers from abroad. In addition, they also collect information on the most needy families who are most affected, namely families with young children who have a power outage, water supply, no entitlement, no finances to buy minimum needed food, etc. . Each educational mediator contributes to the mission to reach all children in the educational field, for which we can only thank them for staying on the ground and for the benefit of the community.

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