06.04.2020We drawn the first 30 schools that will begin to receive the collected donated equipment

The first 30 schools to start receiving electronic devices as part of the Old devices for a new Beginning Campaign were drawn randomly on April 2. Since 178 schools have stated the need for 6645 electronic devices since the start of the campaign, the Amalipe Center team initially decided that schools should receive up to 10 devices. This will be done step by step according to the technique received in the meantime, aimed at distribution by Amalipe.

Amalipe Center launches the National Old Technique for a New Beginning campaign on March 25, after finding that 25% of the 200 schools surveyed by Amalipe Center say that a large proportion of their students do not have access to electronic devices and cannot to effectively engage in online learning. The campaign was also supported by the Teach for all Foundation. Detailed information on the campaign, conditions and how you can donate, or under what conditions you can get the technique, can be found here. If you would like to donate your device or devices, whether it is your own personal or recently changed company equipment, you can fill out the form here, or contact colleagues

Nelly Nikolova 0888-67-16-61, and

Galina Decheva 0884912-507,


You can send the technique to

CMEDT Amalipe

Veliko Tarnovo, 4 Samuel str., ap.16


We are now beginning to receive the first donations, which will begin to be sent to the first withdrawn schools after they have been properly disinfected at the Amalipe Center office in Veliko Tarnovo. Because the needs for on-site devices are very large, our appeal to all schools is this:

     1. Use the campaign and ask your local authority to also help you purchase tablets (or donate old equipment) for your school. It is easier to find 60 than 6000 tablets :). Such an initiative, which should be welcomed, can already boast of Byala Slatina Municipality, Radnevo Municipality, Plovdiv Municipality, and others. Send us information if you also know about other municipalities that support their schools in this way - we will promote it because any such initiative deserves admiration.

     2. See if your municipality has an ongoing project under the integrated scheme under procedure BG05M9OP001-2.018 “Socio-economic integration of vulnerable groups. integrated measures to improve access to education '- Component 1. In many of these projects, the municipalities have envisaged the purchase of tablets/computers in the educational component. They may not have done it yet, but now is the right time. Here is a list of municipalities that have signed contracts and implemented projects under this procedure: Borovo, Kubrat, Antonovo, Satovcha, Cherven Bryag, Nikola Kozlevo, Tvarditsa, Yakimovo, September, Bratsigovo, Lukovit, Tundzha, Pavlikeni, Rakitovo, Dryanovo , Tervel, Sredets, Pravets, Ihtiman, Vidin, Samuel, Wolf Valley, Sliven, Belitsa, Gulyantsi, Lesichovo, Boychinovtsi, Hadzhidimovo, Krivodol, Polski Trambesh, Etropole, Isperih, Dve Mogili, Botevgrad, Strazhitsa, Strazhitsa, Rozhidza Krasna Polyana, Lower Metropolia, Borovan, Caspichan, Dolna Banya, Shabla, Novo Selo, Kyustendil, and Simitley.

     3. If you have already received the technique, or are expected to receive it - write to us so that we can enable schools that have received nothing from anywhere. We appeal for honesty and responsibility - provide us with information so that the technique can reach all schools!

     4. Please email us for any donor who contacts you so that we can maintain systematic information with us. A certificate for participation in the Campaign will be issued to each donor in the campaign (except the certificate of donation the school has to give him) - this is especially important whether it is a large company or one person. We would not want any donors to be missed.

And here are the 30 schools that will start receive the technique we expect to reach. The procedure was random. The lot of 30 schools was broadcast live on Amalipe - Veliko Turnovo's Facebook group and those who failed to attend can watch it here -

No: School: Location: District:


1 124 "Vasil Levski" Primary School Sofia, Sofia City

2 "St. Ivan Rilski" Secondary School in the village of Cherventsi Varna

3 SU "Lyuben Karavelov" Varna Varna

4 St. Cyril and Methodius Kovachitsa Montana Primary School

5 "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" primary school in the town of Senovo, Ruse district

6 "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" primary school in the village of Venelin Varna

7 "St. Kliment Ohridski" Primary School, Pet Mogili Shumen

8 "Otec Paisiy" Secondary School in the village of Maysko Veliko Tarnovo

9 Agricultural High school Novi Pazar Shumen Municipality

10 "Hristo G. Danov" Primary School in the village of Rosino, Karlovo municipality

11 VI Elementary school "Enyo Markovski, Shumen City, Shumen district

12 "Hadji Dimitar" primary school in the village of Seliminovo Sliven

13 "Naiden Gerov" Primary School Gavrailovo Sliven

14 Primary School "Father Paisiy" Iskra Plovdiv village

15 Georgi Benkovski Primary School Hadzhievo village Pazardzhik

16 Prof. high school "Brothers Evlogii and Hristo Georgiev" Karlovo Plovdiv

17 "Anton Strashimirov" Primary School, Bohot Pleven

18 PGSST city of Shumen Region Shumen

19 Dobri Voinikov OBU Pobeda Dobrich village

20 "Hristo Botev" Secondary School "Kaspichan Shumen"

21 90 SU "Gen. Jose de San Martin" Sofia, Sofia City

22 Elementary school "Jordan Yovkov" Yambol Yambol

23 SU "Nikola Vaptsarov" '' Petrich Blagoevgrad

24 Ivan Vazov Secondary School in the village of Debnevo Lovech

25 "Kap.Petar Parmakov" Primary School, Grades village, Sliven district

26 Primary school "St. Kliment Ohridski" village of Izvorsko region Varna

27 St. Cyril and Methodius Elementary School in the village of Yasen Pleven

28 SU "Han Isperih" Novi Pazar Shumen

29 SU "Father Paisiy" Samokov Region Sofia

30 "Vasil Levski" primary school in the village of Karadzhovo, Plovdiv region

As "Vasil Levski" Elementary School has already started its donation campaign, the director Krasimira Blagoeva wrote to us the same day "I love you, friends! Be healthy! Thanks for being part of this family and wishing me success in the campaign! I am extremely happy that I was able to cope with this campaign - our donors contacted us the very next day after my post on the social network. From Horizon Radio, Maritza, BNT2, and Ucha in Plovdiv, the rumor spread in half a day "

A current school table as of 03/04/2020 can be found here

Reviews from members of the Amalipe Group - Veliko Tarnovo:

* "Thank you on behalf of the entire school community! You are always with us! Thanks for the support!"

* "On behalf of the Primary School Cap. Petar Parmakov, Hradec thank you very much for your support. You are Angels who give us wings so that we can have the power to continue! Once again: Thank you!

* "You're tireless! Thank you, Friends!

The National Old Technique for a New Beginnings campaign continues, and any of us who have an old but working technique - a smartphone, tablet or laptop - can also help, because even with one device that will help one child, we will donate hope that every child can change our world tomorrow!

By supporting children today, we care about our tomorrow and the example we will give to generations to come!


Thank you for being together!



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