13.03.2020What should schools do today and in the coming days?

The Council of Ministers proposes to the National Assembly the introduction of a state of emergency because of the expanding coronavirus epidemic. One of the urgent measures will be the closure of schools, kindergartens, and universities. What should schools do today and in the coming days?

Despite the crisis, today, March 13, is still a school day. The closure of schools, kindergartens and universities can only take place after the National Assembly has approved the proposal for a state of emergency and after an order has been issued by the relevant mayor, governor or the Minister of Education. Today, March 13, students should have a study process in areas where the flu vacation is not extended. But if parents decide not to send their children to school, no excused absences will be written! This is what the MES assured us.

There is hardly any doubt that today the National Assembly will approve the Proposal of the Council of Ministers and an order of Minister Valchev will be issued. Schools should prepare for distance learning through online platforms and other such means. This is expected to last at least two weeks.

According to information from educational mediators and schools from the Amalipe Center network, yesterday, Thursday, many places did not have a full-fledged learning process. The main reason is the parents' fear of sending their children to school, which in some places resembles the fear of October 2019. From this point of view, the introduction of a distance learning process is the only reasonable alternative not to ruin the school year.

The Amalipe Center calls on all schools to use today to bring in the elements of distance teaching and learning as quickly as possible. The organization will help, through its regional school coordinators, each student to be an Excellent student.

What are the Government's proposed measures and how will they affect the school year?

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