16.03.2020Dear parents, help for the education of your children!

Dear parents,

From 16 March to 30 March, schools and kindergartens will be providing distance learning. This is very important for your children and today they need even more of your support to keep up with school and to handle it so that you can be proud of them!

 What does distance learning mean in the next two weeks? There are three things to remember:

First, the kids are not on vacation! All these days, they should continue to study, but without attending school. Teachers will send them assignments to work on. This can be done through a computer, phone or other ways in which the children will make an effort, but not get together. Each school and each teacher will choose how to connect with the children. You can suggest those ways that are best for you.

 Second, you need to pay even more attention to how much time children spend learning and how they do! Now your children need even more attention so that they do not stand all day in front of the TV or on Facebook, but take the time to prepare the tasks that teachers send them and learn. Kids will be hard to get organized if you don't help them!

Third, teachers also need your help, trust, and support! So far, schools have not implemented mass distance learning, they will do it for the first time and the support of parents is especially important for success.

What do you need to do?

Tell your child's classroom teacher what device you have, such as a computer, tablet, phone; Do you have an Internet connection; if you have more than 1 child; How often it will be able to use the device and so on. Feel free to say if you do not have any device - the teacher needs to know this to evaluate how to assign the required tasks and teach from a distance;

Make it clear to your child that he or she is not on vacation and should, therefore, devote the necessary attention and time to learning!

 Create the necessary conditions for your child to spend the necessary time learning in a peaceful and comfortable place!

 Keep track of each day what tasks the teacher has set, whether the child has taken the necessary time to learn, and how he or she has coped with the tasks assigned! Don't worry if you can't help solving the tasks and mastering the knowledge the teacher requires! It is enough to make sure that your child spends the necessary time and attention;

Contact an educational mediator or local organization if you are asked to do so! The work of mediators and local organizations is particularly important to reach absolutely all families and children;

Make sure the kids don't go out! Remember that there is an emergency to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, which means that physical contacts should be kept to a minimum. Distance learning is done so that children do not come together. Don't let them do it, despite the good weather and the desire to play together! Let's take care of the health of our children and our elderly parents! When the danger passes, there will be plenty of time for games, walks, and coffee.

Help other parents do all this too! It is important to help others! We believe you will!

The school, teachers, educational mediators, and the Amalipe Center team will be there for us to help each child together! We are sure that together we will succeed!

Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance Amalipe

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