07.04.2020Adopt a school and become digital friends: Campaign 'Old equipment for a new beginning' gaining momentum


More than 180 schools across the country have stated that they need 6,500 devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers to deliver quality distance learning for all their students. This happened in the first three days after the launch of the "Old Technique for a New Beginning" campaign to support education. Through it, the Amalipe Center and schools in the Every Student Network will excel at institutions, companies, organizations, and citizens to donate appropriate devices - tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers to schools, which will, in turn, provide them to students for commitment to participate actively in online distance learning.

The Amalipe Center has initiated the campaign after a study of how 200 schools provide distance learning showed that the efforts of teachers and educational mediators are promising. However, in many rural schools and schools with a concentration of vulnerable groups, the lack of appropriate devices among part of the students is a serious problem. In most schools, distance learning is required at two speeds: some students participate in online lessons and other forms of internet-based learning, while others remain passive or reach only by educational mediators who give out printed lessons and assignments. In some schools, the percentage of students with no devices available exceeds three-quarters of the students.


You can get involved in the Campaign in four ways:

1. By donating a technique (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) that you have changed shortly and do not need. It must be a working technique that does not need any additional repair to be used. The technique needs to meet the minimum technical characteristics to help those it is intended for, namely: dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM, possibly a current operating system (Windows 7+) if it is a desktop computer - wi-fi stick or built-in wifi card with monitor; if tablet/phone - 3G, with charger

2. You can buy and donate new devices - tablets, laptops, smartphones, computers. The schools will take them and provide them to children who are without devices. They will be committed to enrolling these children in distance learning online. At the end of the school year, the devices will be returned to school for use by the most needy again next year. Each parent whose child receives a temporary use device will sign an agreement that he or she will responsibly store and return the device. In the absence of the child (not using the device on the relevant day) without good reason, it will be taken away and given to another needy child.

3. By disseminating campaign information to your contacts or partners.

4. By engaging as a volunteer in the processing of the donation in Veliko Tarnovo (description, checking of working equipment, disinfection, distribution, sending to schools).



Step 1. Look at the list of schools that have requested a device and select the school you want to donate to

Step 2. Enter what you can donate to the table in the second worksheet.

Step 3/1. Select the school you would like to adopt and donate to the technique. You can contact him directly and arrange for them to obtain the technique you have prepared.

Step 3/2. If you decide to send the equipment to Amalipe Center and we distribute it - please contact colleagues Nelly Nikolova on 0888-67-16-61, and Galina Decheva on 0884912-507, The Amalipe Center can also assist in getting the devices provided to specific schools by committing the devices provided to be disinfected.


If you would like to donate a device, you can register here

Thank you for being together!


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