31.03.2020For the purposes of Selanovskoto school in extraordinary conditions.

When years ago we had to develop the School Development Strategy, the team of the NU Vaptsarov Primary School in the village of Selanovtsi did not accept the task formally. Today, in a time of "extraordinary", we understand how much work has been worth. We analyzed the environment, potential, deficits, needs. But most importantly, we have clarified the big goal - every child, with the help of teachers and family today, develops their individual abilities and sense of responsibility to become a successful adult tomorrow!

It may sound tempting, but we set out to accomplish the goal on a daily basis, hourly, with each student in mind. We searched for and found the most working methods and tools because we get to know the individual characteristics of each little person, and in the conditions in which our state of emergency sets us up, we reconfigure existing ones, we discover new channels, but we do not forget the GOAL.

Today, out of 153 students, 110 work electronically - one that is convenient and feasible for students, with or without the help of their parents, depending on age and "ability". For 43 this is not the "working" option. They receive their tasks on paper. They work and return them for verification. And here is the place to share the important presence of every member of the school team - teachers, speech therapist, psychologist, teacher's aides. They are the ones who comment, prepare, publish, consult, listen, “silence”… The service staff has technically and organizationally secured the entire process, along with the completion of all other “flying” tasks.

 Finally, I commented on the work of the social worker because his role as mediator became visible to the whole community. Hidden behind the protective mask, remains the face and excitement of Joanna, who, in addition to handing over and explaining new materials, getting the old ones and hearing the problems of their implementation, must face the "weirdness" of some parents calmly. She has engaged her husband in her mission. The Selanovski Streets are 80 km long. It is difficult to walk on foot. But Milen is used to putting out fires at the Oryahovo Fire Department. Today, he helps the school as a volunteer because we have a clear goal for each child's success and will achieve it.

And the virus ... we leave it to the specialists.


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