31.03.2020Implementation of 'Socio-economic integration' projects in a state of emergency

Beneficiary municipalities under the integrated procedure BG05M9OP001-2.018 'Socio-economic integration of vulnerable groups. Integrated Measures to Improve Access to Education '- Component 1 should not suspend the implementation of contracts in a state of emergency but, on the contrary, continue their activities by reorganizing them to meet the current needs of local communities and meeting all requirements under the orders. of the Minister of Health and the Emergency Act. This is especially true of the work of mediators. If necessary, the municipalities may also request the extension of the contract implementation period. These opportunities are provided by both governing bodies. It is the crisis moment that shows the need for integrated projects to the greatest extent and municipalities should take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

In response to inquiries received from several beneficiaries of the Integrated Procedure Benefits, the Amalipe Center recalls that, on March 16, the OP SEIG(OPERATIONAL PROGRAM OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION FOR INTELLIGENT GROWTH) MA urged "to continue the implementation of all funded projects activities that do not require a physical presence in one place by groups of people and can be implemented through various forms of electronic communication, such as: [...] 4. Career counseling and career guidance for students - individual counseling is possible through the use of different forms of electronic communication; 5. Activities of educational mediators - work with families of students from vulnerable groups, support the process of introduction and use of distance learning, etc. activities, in compliance with the mandatory requirements of the National Operational Headquarters for coordinating measures against COVID-19. " Moreover, the OP SEIG Agency recalls that "where necessary, beneficiaries may request a change in the plans for the implementation of the activities and their restructuring over time, as well as an extension of the deadline for the implementation of the projects, following the procedures described in the Guidelines for the implementation of administrative contracts. according to OP SEIG. "

Despite the state of emergency, the schools are not on vacations but are providing distance learning. Projects can support this process, for example, the work of an educational mediator is even more needed at this time. A study by the Amalipe Center among 200 schools with a concentration of vulnerable groups indicates that 68% of them use educational mediators at this time. The work of mediators to support the introduction of distance learning through the distribution of printed lessons and assignments at students' homes, educational consultations with their families, etc. It is a very good example of activities to prevent dropping out, reaching full coverage and parental involvement: activities that are embedded in all integrated municipal projects.

Equally necessary are some of the envisaged activities for the OPRD components, which are not related to the organization of mass events, but to the conduct of campaigns, outreach and others (strand 4. Development of local communities and overcoming the negative stereotypes. The Managing Authority the OPRD also provided an opportunity for such restructuring.

The Amalipe Center appeals to all beneficiary municipalities under the Program not to suspend the implementation of the contracts, but to make effective use of the resource represented by the educational mediators and the opportunities provided by the MA of OPNOIR. We urge the restructuring of activities and costs to consider additional financial incentives for educational mediators and other first-time field staff who may encounter contagion in any house they visit.


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