14.02.2009St. Valentine’s Day exhibition

Center Amalipe took part in St. Valentine’s Day exhibition. The Roma children from Aleko Konstantinov Str. in the old capital made a pile of Valentine cards. The incomes of the charity exhibition will be used for buying materials for children’s classes. The volunteers of Center Amalipe – Maria, Philip, Any, Stefka and Mitko also took part in the preparation of the Valentines cards. Beside this the girls put on traditional Roma clothes specially for the event which was on 12-th and 13-th February 2009. The initiative for the Romantic celebrating...

04.02.2009Roma organizations prepared draft for Framework Program for Roma Integration

Roma organizations and experts included in the Working Group for preparing new Framework Program for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society (FPEIRBS) and other Roma organizations prepared integral draft for the Program. It summarized the suggestions raised during 6 Regional discussions in October and during the National Meeting of Roma Organizations that took place in Sofia on December 9. It also develops the ideas from the Declaration for Roma Integration Actions signed by 91 organizations during the National meeting. The draft proposed preserves and...

04.02.2009New composition and new terms for preparing Framework Program for Roma Integration: facts and analysis

The facts: Deputy Prime-Minister and Chair of NCCEDI Emel Etem defined new composition of the Working group for preparing new Framework Program for Roma Integration as well as new deadlines thropugh its Order Р-13/23.01.2009. Most of experts of Roma NGOs are not included in the new Group composition: from 10 they declined to 4 (Deyan Kolev, Nikolay Kirilov, Stefan Panayotov and Assen Kolev). The National Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Baki Hyuseinov is not included in the new composition too. Iosif Nounev (expert in educational integration from...

04.02.2009Roma organizations did not take part in the session of the Working group for preparing Framework Program for Roma Integration on January 30

Roma organizations – members of the Working group for preparing new Framework Program for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society (FPEIRBS) boycotted the first session of the renewed Group composition. Deyan Kolev (Center Amalipe and Deputy Chair of NCCEDI), Nikolay Kirilov (Roma-Lom Foundation), and Stefan Panayotov (Health of Roma Foundation) did not participate in the session on January 30. Assen Kolev (Inforoma – Asenovgrad) took part in the session but expresses his disagreement with the changes in the Working group. In Letter to the...

25.01.2009Women brainstormed ideas for advocacy campaigns for improving the health status of Romani women in their communities

  For a second time the ex-BBC journalist Fiona Lloyd met several Roma women from Bulgaria to discuss together how the local Roma organizations could contribute to solving Romani women health problems. The meeting of the journalist with Stefka and Maria from Center Amalipe (Veliko Turnovo), with Marijka, Fidanka and Milena from “World without Borders” (Stara Zagora), with Galina and Nedka from LARGO Association (Kyustendil), with Julieta from Ternipe Roma Youth Organization (Simitli) and with Dimitrinka from the Association of the Roma health mediators in Bulgaria...
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