10.07.2008Experts from Regional Inspectorates of Education discussed Roma educational integration under the delegated school budgets

  The number of Roma drop-outs of school most probably will sharply increase from the beginning of next school year since most of the parents who live in villages where schools will be closed are not ready to allow their children to study in another place. The number of closed schools is already too big and the process of drop-out of children who had studied in them could not be controlled. It is not an exception schools with relatively big number of students to be closed. In the village schools that are not closed the budget hardly can cover the minimum and that is why...

06.07.2008Communication trough media – training of Roma NGOs

  “Within the local context everyone should think in a global way. A NGO could do a perfect job for its community but this will not help the community effectively if this job is not made known to the entire society.  Media are the best way to inform the entire society for your work and to raise the support of the entire society for your goal.” These sentences shared by Raycho Chaprazov – a Roma journalist from Nova Television – became the “golden massage” of the training “Communication through media” that took place...

24.06.2008Order about the preparation of Framework Program for Roma Integration was signed

  On June 20 Deputy Prime-Minister and Chair of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Demographic Issue Emel Etem signed Order Р-48 about the preparation of updated Framework Program for Equal Integration of Roma in Bulgarian Society.  The Order establishes Workin group with participation of the main instututions of the executive power, Roma NGOs, universities and independent experts. It is envisaged the establishment of working Sub-groups in the main fields of Framework program (education, health, living conditions, employment). October 31, 2008 is...

22.06.2008The administrative capacity for implementation of policy for Roma integration decreases

  Cutting down the position “expert on ethnic and demographic issues” in district administrations as well as a permanent process of resignation of such experts from this position decreases significantly the administrative capacity for implementation of Roma integration policy. According to a decision of the Council of Ministers cut down in the administration was realized in May 2008. In many district administrations it caused cutting down of the position “expert on ethnic and demographic issues”. At the same time, during the last several months...

06.06.2008Fifth Children Roma Festival “Open Heart”

  More than 700 children participated in the Fifth Children Roma Festival “Open Heart” that took place in Veliko Turnovo on June 3rd and 4th, 2008. The festival was organized by Center “Amalipe” with the support of Veliko Turnovo Municipality and the Council of Europe Information Center – Sofia. Baki Hyuseinov (National Coordinator of the Decade of Roma Inclusion), Lalo Kamenov (Deputy-Chair of the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination), George Krastev (Head of Roma Integration Department within Ethnic and Demographic Issues Directorate),...
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