28.07.2008Round-table about educational integration and delegated budgets in Dupnitza

    Deyan Kolev, Chairman of Center “Amalipe” met more than 70 teachers and principals of schools all over South-Eastern Bulgaria. The meeting took place in the city hall of Dupnitza Municipality on July 26. It was initiated by Iosif Nounev, PhD, state expert in the Ministry of Education and Science. Deyan Kolev presented the ”Folklore of the ethnoi – Roma folklore” program insisting that it had proved in practice its positive results. “Roma folklore classes provide you with a good opportunity to attract and keep children at...

19.07.2008Workshops for promoting the EUMAP report Equal Access to Quality Education for Roma

  School principals from Central North Region of Bulgaria discussed opportunities for educational integration of Roma children, for equal access to quality education and intercultural education within the delegated school budgets. This happened during special workshop organized by Center “Amalipe” on July 18, 2008 in Veliko Turnovo. More that 40 school principals from Veliko Turnovo, Russe, Gabrovo and Lovetz Districts attended the workshop. The EUMAP report “Equal Access to Quality Education for Roma ” and the ways its conclusions could be applied...

11.07.2008Teodora Krumova took part in FRA Consultative meeting on Roma in Vienna, 9 July 2008

The Deputy Chair of Center "Amalipe" Teodora Krumova took part in the Consultative meeting on Roma organized by European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). The meeting took place in Vienna on July 9, 2008. Relevant partners, national and international Roma organisations and inter-governmental organisations working on Roma issues were invited to discuss FRA future strategy of its work on Roma. Teodora Krumova was the only representative of Roma organization from Bulgaria. In her statement she insisted on the necessity of FRA permanent monitoring on the impact the...

11.07.2008OSCE Supplementary Human Dimensions Meeting on Sustainable Policies for Roma and Sinti Integration

  The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) participating states should step up their efforts to end widespread discrimination against Roma and Sinti. The OSCE Action Plan on Roma and Sinti as well as the National Roma Strategies are good "milestones" for promoting integration. But "much more implementation work" is needed to bring genuine improvements down to the local Roma communities in areas such as education, housing and health care. The participating states should invest efforts and budget in this engaging regional and municipal...

10.07.2008Experts from Regional Inspectorates of Education discussed Roma educational integration under the delegated school budgets

  The number of Roma drop-outs of school most probably will sharply increase from the beginning of next school year since most of the parents who live in villages where schools will be closed are not ready to allow their children to study in another place. The number of closed schools is already too big and the process of drop-out of children who had studied in them could not be controlled. It is not an exception schools with relatively big number of students to be closed. In the village schools that are not closed the budget hardly can cover the minimum and that is why...
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