24.10.2018 Delegated school budgets in 2019

On average, about 17% more will be provided by the state to the schools and kindergartens through the activities delegated to the municipalities under the "Education" function. This is planned by the Draft of the Decision of the Council of Ministers of amendment of Decision No. 277 from 2018 of the Council of Ministers on the adoption of standards for the delegated by the state activities with natural and value indicators in 2019. The standard cost for a pupil in a non-specialized school, not a vocational high school becomes 1611 BGN instead of the current 1370 BGN. The standard...

22.10.2018Resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Simeonov!

A pseudo patriot and pseudo statesman called disabled children "pseudo ill" and their mothers - "shrieking mothers". This type of behavior is totally unacceptable, but the fact that the statement came from a deputy prime minister makes it scandalous. The question now is whether we will be a real civil society and will ask for the supposed politician resignation. Amalipe Center strongly supports the request of the National Children's Network (a union of 147 NGOs, to which Amalipe is a regional coordinator for Northern Central Bulgaria) for the resignation of Valeri Simeonov...

09.10.2018Victory: Herbert Kickl kicked out of the EU Antiracist Group, the sanitary democratic cordon doctrine of the European Commission

Herbert Kickl kicked out of the EU Antiracist Group: EGAM wins a historical victory that allows the European Commission to benefit from a clear doctrine: there now exists a “democratic sanitary cordon” that prevents the FPO and all similar parties in Europe from entering and perverting European democratic institutions.     It is now officially confirmed : thanks to the action of the antiracist & human rights civil society led by EGAM, the Austrian FPO Minister of Interior Herbert Kickl has been kicked out of the next “EU High Level Group...

01.10.2018Municipality of Antonovo cut the fees for attending kindergarten

Municipality of Antonovo cut the fees for attending kindergartens for all children. This was done by a decision of the Municipal Council of September 27, at the suggestion, made by the mayor Hayredin Mehmedov. Thus the municipality joined the group of municipalities that abolished any kindergarten fees. At present, such a decision has been taken by nearly 20 municipalities. More than 10 others have abolished mandatory pre-school age fees (5 and 6 years) but still collecting fees for younger children. There is a single kindergarten in Antonovo, which has branches in four of...

27.09.2018Possibilities for financing by EU funded programs and other programs, and alternatives for better communication between the sectors

On 26th September 2018 year was held a training “Possibilities for financing by EU funded programs and other programs, and alternatives for better communication between the sectors” as part of the activities in project “RARE - Changing discourses, changing practices: Roma as a human resource”, implemented in Bulgaria by CIEDT “Amalipe”.The training was attended by employers, representatives of local authorities – from the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo, Elena and Lyaskovets; representatives of Regional Labour offices; the worker’s...
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