10.01.2019Letter to the Minister of Defense

The speech of the Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov in the village of Voyvodinovo made impossible the visit of students to the Ministry on the occasion of Vasilitsa - the Roma New Year.  Unfortunately, just on Vasilitsa holiday, when bridges are being built , we have to break a bridge maintained for 5 years. We respect the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army institution, where thousands of Roma have served, but we cannot accept that it is headed by someone who does not share key democratic values. Due to the reasons described, we refuse the visit of students...

27.12.2018Center Amalipe held 18 trainings to pedagogical specialists under the Every student will be a winner training program

Positive and emotional and at the same time loading with new knowledge and useful experience...  That is just a small part of the evaluation given to Amalipe Center after the end of the total of 18 trainings on  Every student will be a winner: practices for activating students and stimulating student participation program. More than 450 pedagogical specialists from dozens of schools in the country took part in them. The trainings were conducted within Project BG05M2OP001-2.010-0001 Qualification for professional development of pedagogical specialists, implemented...

27.12.2018The Socio-Economic Integration Projects have been approved ...

The Managing Authorities of the Operational Programs "Human Resources Development" and "Science and Education for Smart Growth" approved another 33 municipal projects under Component 1 of the Integrated Procedure "Socio-Economic Integration ...". Approved projects are biannual and will start in the beginning of 2019 and end on 31 December 2020. Approved applicants will be invited to provide evidence that they are eligible for a grant, including the rules in the Applicant's Terms. Information on the documents applicable to each individual applicant and its partners and the deadlines...

27.12.2018Financing Ordinance Changes - what do they provide?

The state budget pledges to finance extracurricular activities at school and municipal level; resources for additional work with vulnerable groups will also be provided for an average level and schools and kindergartens will be able to engage with them NGOs; the education ministry provides more opportunities for forming classes with fewer students. This became apparent after the promulgation of the amendments to the Financing Ordinance, published in the State Gazette, no. 105 on 18.12.2018. State and municipal schools will receive additional funds annually for the organization...

13.12.2018A pilot study visit within RARE project: hosting guests from Slovakia

From 10 December 2018 to 12 December 2018 CIEDT “Amalipe” hosted a RARE partners visit for partnering organizations from Slovakia. The main goal of the visit was to present the methodology and the results, used by Amalipe in the implementation of the Bulgarian pilot, part of the RARE project. The pilot, implemented in Bulgaria, is focused on sensitization and changing the attitudes towards Roma on the labor market. On 11 December 2018 were held meetings with main stakeholders: 1. Meeting with the experts from Labor Office, Veliko Tarnovo – the experts in...
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