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Amalipe Center Newsletter for July and August 2018

Accents in the newsletter of Amalipe Center for July and August 2018:

- Blagoevgrad and Gabrovo - The Two Faces of Desegregati on or Whether Sisyphus Could Turn the Stone from a Burden into a Leverage;

- Additional means to those working with children and students from vulnerable groups: how to use them?

- Free transportati on for high school students

- Trust for Social Achievement Foundati on is launching a call for scholarship applications in support of Roma students enrolled in medical studies for the 2018-2019 academic year

- Educati onal mediators and psychologists at Amalipe Center conducted a series of lectures on “Motivation for Learning”

- The scholars of the “Equal Chance” Program finish the academic year with very good success


Newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in June 2018

Accents in the newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in June:

- Horo of tolerance was danced for the 15 consecutive year in Veliko Tarnovo during the 15th Open heart Roma children festival 

- Which was the Roma event in the program of Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU: article by Deyan Kolev

- The Ombudsman Maya Manolova launched a NO Kindergarten Fees Campaign

- Devora Stancheva presented the Every Student Will be a Winner Project at a meeting in Brussels

- The School at the sea 2018 adventure or the emotions of the first summer camp, held within the Together we find solutions Project...

and many other interesting news about the activity of the organization.


Amalipe Center Newsletter for April and May 2018

In Amalipe newsletter for April and May 2018, you will find information about:

April 8th –International Roma day becoming the Day of Roma awakening

National institutions and embassies celebrated the International Roma Day

Sunny Barcelona gathered Roma women from whole Europe for the Second International Roma Women Congress

Fifteen ambassadors discussed the Roma integration.

REF announced the Roma student scholarship competition: Deadline is 15 May

The European Commission approved the Civil Society Monitoring Report on the Implementation of the National Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for Roma Integration

Roma teachers discussed the development of school education with Minister Valchev and Deputy Minister Sacheva

When “We Succeed Together” or the first school camp held under the project “Together we find solutions”

Key messages from The state of Roma educational integration: from the innovative model to the innovative school Conference


Newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in March 2018

In the edition of our newsletter for March 2018 you will find:

- Trainings for active parents from Northern and Southern Bulgaria were held within Every student will be a winner Project

- Center Amalipe held training for active volunteers in Etropole and Novi Pazar

- Kick off meeting within the Young Voices for social inclusion of Roma women Project

- Deputy Head of the German Embassy, Mr. York Schuegraf visited Center Amalipe

- Local authorities, educational institutions and NGOs together for the success of every child

and other interesting topics.


Newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in February 2018

In our edition for February 2018 readers will find out information about:

- Community development centers celebrated 14 february

- Ambassador for the day: a contest of the British Embassy

- The Integrated Procedure “Socio-Economic Integration ...”: What’s next to Component 1?

- Amalipe Center became a partner in the national campaign to prevent human trafficking for labour exploatation

and other interesting news and events, happened during the month.


Newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in January 2018

In the newsletter of Amalipe Center for January 2018 you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the Roma New Year - Vasilitsa. See which institutions opened their doors and hearts for the little survakari. And more...


- We remember the victims of the Holocaust;


- The Istanbul Convention - Truth and Propaganda;


- The World Bank Global Education Report;


Amalipe newsletter for November - December 2017

In our edition for November and December, you will see Amalipe Center celebrating the day of tolerance, initiatives in connection with November 1; and also...

- "Why Secondary Education" Competition;

- Final conferences on partner projects  in Athens, Brussels and Barcelona - results and best practices;

and many other interesting news.


Amalipe Center newsletter for september 2017

In our September edition, you will read how schools included in the Amalipe Center network welcomed the new academic year; who are the students supported under the Equal Chance Program and what strategic meetings were made by representatives of Roma organizations.


Amalipe Center newsletter for october 2017

In our October edition see how proud we are with our Roma origin, and how we celebrated the days of Roma pride; we will meet you with Commissioner Vera Jourova and the new executive agency OPSESG; You will also find interesting news on trainings and what is the situation in Catalonia, after the terrorist attack.


Newsletter of the activities of Amalipe Center in July - August 2017

In our July-August newsletter edition, you will read how leading NGOs discuss Roma integration polices with Prime Minister Borisov, which organizations are involved in the Central European University project Roma Civil Monitoring, as well as who participated in the round table on Roma integration, held on July 12, and its conclusions.

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