27.09.2018Possibilities for financing by EU funded programs and other programs, and alternatives for better communication between the sectors


On 26th September 2018 year was held a training “Possibilities for financing by EU funded programs and other programs, and alternatives for better communication between the sectors” as part of the activities in project “RARE - Changing discourses, changing practices: Roma as a human resource”, implemented in Bulgaria by CIEDT “Amalipe”.
The training was attended by employers, representatives of local authorities – from the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo, Elena and Lyaskovets; representatives of Regional Labour offices; the worker’s union and representatives of schools from the region.
The training covered three major interconnected topics. The first topic was the possibilities for the employers to participate in different programs, dedicated to business development and providing better environment for hiring new employees.
In regard to the business environment in the region was presented the second topic – the midterm results of the survey among the employers about the attitudes towards Roma employees, the dynamic between the employers and Roma employees and the existing stereotypes towards the Roma people at the workplace. The results, presented on the training, are directly connected to the topic of the labour market and the problems, that surfaced in the discussion after the first part of the training – the changes of the labour market force the employers to search for qualified workers, regardless their ethnicity.
The last topic, covered in the training, was connected to the needs of the employers of qualified workers and good examples of schools and business, working together to answer to the need of the labour market and to provide adequate education to the students. The partnership between Secondary School “Vladimir Komarov”, Veliko Tarnovo and Kronospan Bulgaria, dedicated to providing professional education to the students of the school and the possibility to gain specific knowledge, making them competitive on the labour market.
In the following discussions other good examples were shared and the main conclusion of the training was that the employers are willing to participate in different programs and projects, dedicated to creating better business environment and better environment for partnership between the educational institutions, so that the students can enter with proper qualification the labour market and to be adequate to the current needs of the business.

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