27.03.2020Educational mediators continue to work on the field

Educational mediators continue to be at the first lineto support the children and families in need. They remain on the front line to support anyone who needs them. Many educational mediators have families and children who worry about them, although educational mediators are already equipped with the necessary precautions. We want to share with you some examples we have received from our fellow educational mediators at the Amalipe Center.

Educational mediator Temenuzhka Milenova that runs to the center "Amalipe" but work and a place in the United school "Hristo Botev" village Kaspichan told us she distributes new teaching aids to first-graders in village Kaspichan. She shares that some of the students do not have access to the internet, as well as mobile devices, so the community needs to mobilize as quickly as possible to allow each child to be part of the distance-trained..

The educational mediator at Amalipe Center Aldin Stefanov (Karakash) continues to visit Roma families in Novi Pazar, distributing information materials - how to protect themselves from COVID - 19.

Educational mediator Nikola Georgiev from the town of Byala Cherkva traverses the city with his private car and informs people how to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus by distributing information materials. Despite his age and being a vulnerable group of this virus, he does not stop playing his role not only as an educational mediator but also as a concerned citizen of Byala Cherkva.

Educational mediator Teodora Koleva from Markovo village informed us that educational materials are distributed to students in Kosovo daily, and the reason is the lack of telephones, laptops, computers through which children can participate in distance learning. It is of utmost importance, both for educational mediators and teachers, to reach all children so that they do not lose any teaching material. Teachers and educational mediators join forces in disseminating educational materials to reach every child.

Educational mediator Radostina Atanasova from the town of Smyadovo said that she and her colleague are participating in the local crisis headquarters in the city, keeping in constant contact with the headquarters about the measures being taken and what assistance is expected from the educational mediators. In addition to being part of the headquarters, educational mediators are looking for ways to help with a technique, such as tablets or computers for nine children, that cannot be included in remote lessons because of a lack of technique. Children who do not have the necessary equipment are printed educational materials and taken to their homes, and it is often the case that children ask them for advice on tasks that make it difficult for them, but this is only when is not possible to contact with their teacher.

It is important to be empathetic and to pay attention to what can be of benefit to society in these hard times for all of us. At the Amalpe Center, we strive to promote the activities of educational mediators as well as to be of value to the community, so we have also organized a National Campaign for Old Technique for a New Beginning to supply the necessary devices for students from extremely poor families. access to distance learning. If you would like to learn more about the campaign and have a device that you do not use but can donate to a child in need, you can follow the information link: 3685 & lang = 1

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