13.03.2008A Bachelor's Wedding in Kamen


The traditional Bulgarian folklore custom Bachelor’s wedding (Men’s marriage) was organized in the village of Kamen, Veliko Tarnovo region. The “wedding” takes place every leap year at Sirni Zagovezni feast and it is typical only for Veliko Tarnovo region. It is celebrated also in the village of Prisovo, Kilifarevo town and so on.

Only men (bachelors) take part in the custom. They dress like the different personages of the wedding-guests: the bride and the groom, the mother-in-law, the bridesmaids and the other women.

In the village of Kamen the feast has been celebrated since 1932. This year the celebration took place on March 9th and was the best celebration ever seen. Up to 20 participants half of them dressed like women created the atmosphere of a real wedding in which the son-in-law was short as a child still playing with toys, and the bride was the tallest ‘girl’ in the village. According to the story of the plot the bride does not want to marry so she tries to escape from the wedding. Finally however she fells in love with the bachelor.

The end of the story is a happy ‘marriage’ and blessing from the priest on the square of the village.

For first time this year Roma from Kamen also took part in the wedding.

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