19.09.2017Representatives of Amalipe Center participated in a labour market, organized by the Labour Bureau in Veiko Tarnovo

The National Employment Agency in Bulgaria through its regional structure Veliko Tarnovo Labour office organized a labour market on the 12th of September 2017 in Interhotel Veliko Tarnovo. During the event over 30 employers, offering about 250 vacancies, successfully met jobseekers. The announced vacant positions were in the light industry, construction, hotel, restaurant and tailoring industries. The meeting was attended by the deputy district governor of Veliko Tarnovo Mrs. Iveta Kabakchieva, the Director of the Labor Office - Mr. Obreshko Nechev, Mrs. Deshka Mandikova...

05.09.2017Representatives of institutions will search for 206 000 dropouts and children out of school range

About 206 000 children aged 5 to 18 are not in kindergartens or schools and will be sought out by 1103 teams across the country with more than 11602 experts - teachers, social workers, community staff, mediators, etc. The first task we set up is that most of these children can return to school. By mid-October, representatives of institutions will walk through the addresses of the students, who are out of range and will do everything in their power to make them attend school regularly. The next important steps are to ensure that these children stay in classrooms and receive quality...

05.09.2017Heads of the RDE and the MES leaders discussed full coverage measures at a national meeting

In October, the Ministry of Education will propose amendments to the Preschool and School Education Act, which will allow a major reorganization of the delegated budget system and the extension of compulsory pre-school education to 4-year-olds, announced Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev at a meeting with the Heads of the Regional departments of education, held on August 30 in Veliko Tarnovo. Delegated budgets will be changed so that funding will not be based solely on the number of students, but will also take into account educational status of parents and vulnerability...

25.08.2017The Round Table in Asenovgrad and Jean-Paul Sartre

  The News National Round Table on Education and Employment Related to Ethnic Integration was held today in Asenovgrad. It was organized by the mayor of the town Dr. Emil Karaivanov and was honored by the Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Council on Ethnic Issues Valeri Simeonov and the Ombudsman of Bulgaria Maya Manolova, also mayors of municipalities, representatives of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and Ministry of Interior, as well as experts from the Ministry of Education and Science and other institutions....

21.08.2017For the terrorist attack in Catalonia: analysis by Professor Tatiana Dronzina

  The analyses of some terrorist experts on the attacks in Catalonia have raised strong doubts even in observers, who were not aware of the Ispanish reality. Obviously, most of the "terrorist analysts" follow the rather problematic phrase of the otherwise brilliant philosopher Hegel: "As soon as the facts contradict my theory, the worse the facts" For years Center Amalipe has been working in partnership with the Roma organization of Barcelona, Drrom Kotar Mestipen. For years we have been working with Professor Tatiana Dronzina, who for years taught in Spain and was...
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