25.05.2016American diplomats from 11 countries discussed problems concerning Roma integration

American diplomats from 11 countries met in Sofia to discuss current development of policies for the integration of Roma in Europe. The forum was organized and hosted by the US Embassy in Sofia. Although it was entirely directed to representatives of the US embassies in countries with Roma from Eastern Europe, some partner embassies and organizations implementing or funding programs for Roma integration - Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, Embassy of Switzerland, the World Bank and Trust for social achievement, also shared their experience.To present their views and experiences,...

20.05.2016Four ambassadors, Minister of Labour and Social Policy and President of the SACP come to the thirteenth edition of the Children Roma Festival in Veliko Tarnovo

Number 13 frightens the superstitious people, but the participants in the Children Roma Festival "Open Heart" are not afraid! For the thirteenth consecutive year Center "Amalipe" and the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo organize the International Children Roma Festival "Open Heart" on 3, 4 and 5 June in the park "Marno pole" - an event in which once again over 2,000 participants from different ethnic groups in Bulgaria, as well as foreign groups from China, Macedonia, Romania, Albania and Germany will be together.The opening of the festival will take place on June 3 at 2:00 p.m....

14.05.2016Disturbing trends of dropping out and enrollment of students in pre-school and school education: possible solutions

Negative trends indicated by NSI data on dropout and enrollment of students in pre-school and school education in 2015 (see details on will intensify in the coming years if no action is taken for dropout prevention / early school leaving and increase the levels of enrollment in all stages and levels of pre-school and school education. The possibility of Bulgaria to achieve a reduction to 11% of drop-out among youths (target value of this indicator in the strategy "Europe 2020" is 10%, Bulgaria is committed to 11%)...

13.05.2016NSI reported worrying trends about the scope of pre-primary and school education dropout

  The National Statistics Institute outlined alarming trends in education in 2015 in its data, published in late April. Seriously increase of number of school dropouts, accompanied by a reduction in net enrollment rate - in all stages and levels of pre-primary and school education, alerted to the presence of systemic problems in the school system. Essentially, according ot the dropout levels and enrollment rates, Bulgarian school returns to the severe 2008 and 2009, when the closure of hundreds of schools left thousands of children outside the classrooms. The slight improvement...

12.05.2016Deputy Prime Minister Ivaylo Kalfin also joined the campaign #RomaAreEqual

  Deputy Prime Minister Ivaylo Kalfin joined the campaign #RomaAreEqual, initiated by the presidents of the student parliaments from 170 schools nationwide and youth volunteers to Center "Amalipe". "We must not allow any form of hate speech and xenophobia" - said Minister Kalfin supporting youth campaign #RomaAreEqual in which young people from different ethnic groups have shown that they want to live in a better world", reported the Facebook page of Ministry of Labour and social policy.  What happened on 16 April in the village of Ovchepoltsi when young Mitko was...
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