26.02.2015Forecoming: Hearing EU funds for Roma health integration, Brussels, March 16

  HEARING “EU FUNDS FOR ROMA HEALTH INTEGRATION”   Time and venue: European Economic and Social Committee,Trèves Building,  74 of the EESC, Room  TRE 7701, rue  de Trèves, 1040 Brussels March 16 from 9,00  to 12,30 Organizers: The event will be organized by AMALIPE Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance (Bulgaria), Roma Center for Public Health Policies SASTIPEN (Romania) and European Roma Information Office with the support of Roma Health Project. It aims to raise the attention towards the health...

15.02.2015More than 200 schools supported the proposals to Public Education Act for three days only

Only for three days 214 schools supported the PROPOSALS TO THE ADOPTED AT FIRST READING LAW FOR THE PRESCHOOL AND SCHOOL EDUCATION. The count of the supporting schools is increasing in each minute as it already exceeds one tenth of all schools in Bulgaria. The proposals are aimed at granting guarantees for improving the quality of education, preserving and developing the primary schools and the schools in the rural regions. This includes requesting 8th grade to remain in the primary level of education, not allowing the early enrolment (5th grade) in the specialized secondary...

04.02.2015UPCOMING: “Meeting of the future” brings together principles from schools across all North Bulgaria

UPOMING “Meeting of the future” Conference of principals from North Bulgaria schools will be held this week from 6th t o 7th of February in Veliko Turnovo. This is first from the “Meetings of the future” sequence of regional principles meetings to be conducted in different regions in February.                 Over 70 principals will discuss the accomplished activities so far on the project “Every student can be a winner”, which are implemented in 170 school across...

26.01.2015Successful model for overcoming the anti-Roma stereotypes among young people discussed in Brussels

  Members of European Parliament, representatives of DG JUST and DG EMPL of European Commission, national institutions, NGOs and municipalities from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Hungary took part in the conference “YOU(th) ARE TOLERANT” organized by AMALIPE Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance in Brussels on January 21. Two weeks after the entire world became Charlie and in a city full with policemen and soldiers like never before, they discussed a model for overcoming the anti-Roma stereotypes among young people, the place of anti-discrimination...

16.01.2015The new Human Resources Development OP and Roma integration

  On 28 of November 2014, the European Commission approved the "Human Resources Development" Operational Programme, making it the first approved Operational Programme for Bulgaria for the period 2014 - 2020. It outlines how the European Social Fund can be used to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in several key areas: labor market (incl. youth employment, education and training, combating unemployment), social inclusion (incl. Roma integration, deinstitutionalization, development of modern social services and social economy) and modernization of public policies. An...
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