25.08.2016State educational standard for civil, health, environmental and intercultural education was presented

On August 23, the Minister of education M. Kuneva presented for public discussion draft standard for civil, health, environmental and intercultural education. Although presented primarily as regulating lesson of the class,the standard with the complex name has much wider application: in extracurricular activities, enhanced training and even as a separate subject. Although the topics of traffic safety, financial literacy and action to terrorist threats were explicitely underlined during its presentation, the standard provides a much wider range of subjects, divided into four...

25.08.2016Amalipe comments to the draft Regulation on the status and professional development of teachers, principals and pedagogical specialists

  Regulation on the status and professional development of teachers, principals and pedagogical experts was another document published by the Ministry for public discussion which purpose is to determine the state educational standard  for the status and professional development of teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists in the system of preschool and school education. Amalipe Center welcomes the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Science to regulate the status and professional development of teachers,principals and other pedagogical specialists....

23.08.2016 Valery Novoselsky left our world

    With sincere and deep pain we announce that on August 20 the Romani activist and editor of the internet network Roma Virtual Network Valery Novoselsky has passed away! Valery was in Riga, where he was engaged in a Roma Music Festival. The sad news was spread by the Roma Times magazine,-valery-novoselsky-has-passed-away   Valery Novoselsky was born on April 15, 1970 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, former Soviet Union. In 1995 he emigrated...

23.08.2016Problems of Roma youth were discussed at a national meeting in Plovdiv

Representatives of Center "Amalipe" took part in the National Meeting of the organizations working with and for young Roma, which was organized by the Youth Center Plovdiv. On 9 and 10 of August, at Youth Center Plovdiv Valery Angelov and Denitsa Ivanova took part in the meeting aimed at presentation of the youth centers in Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Dobrich and Vratsa under the program BG 06 "Children and youth at risk," Component 1 "Caring for youth at risk", as well as discussing key issues and problem areas before Roma youth, sharing best practices and partnerships and future...

23.08.2016Рequirements for applying for the scheme Development of social entrepreneurship were published for public comment: Participate!

  Managing Authority of Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" invites everyone who is interested to send their suggestions and opinions on the draft requirements for applying for the scheme "Development of social entrepreneurship." Suggestions send to e-mail: The deadline is 17:30 on 19/08/2016.   See at:   Through the scheme "Development of social entrepreneurship" OPHRD will...
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