05.10.2015Seminar on "Freedom of movement and work in the Netherlands" was held in Yambol

On October 1 at 9.30 a.m. in Yambol, the Netherlands Embassy, together with Centre "Amalipe", Employment Agency, the National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and the Association "National Network of Health Mediators' organized workshop in conjunction with labor migration in the Netherlands. The aim of the event was to support current and future labor migrants to understand the opportunities available for successful adaptation of the Dutch labor market.  The workshop was attended by Mr. Borislav Bozhidarov - assistant labor migration to the Netherlands Embassy,...

05.10.2015Upcoming: Roma Pride in Bulgaria

For the fifth consecutive year, the European anti-racist movement and 22 partner organizations from across Europe campaigned Roma Pride - Day of the Roma culture and pride. It will start on October 4 and will continue with events during the next week in 14 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine. In Bulgaria events will be organized by Amalipe and "World without Borders".The campaign is calling for more tolerance and acceptance of Roma people by presenting the richness of...

05.10.2015Informational campaign was held in Byala Slatina

    On October 1, at "Hristo Smirnenski" elementary school in Byala Slatina was held informative meeting with the community and employees of the power distribution company operating in the area called "CEZ". The meeting was attended by Mr. Victor Stanchev, Director 'Management, Operation and Maintenance ". He answered to the questions from the community. The campaign is organized in partnership with the Center for Community Development to CIDT "Amalipe." Such meetings are to be organized in other places in the region.

02.10.2015Start of the meetings with young parents on project Edu-fin - methodology for financial literacy was set

On October 1 in the building of primary school "P. Hilendarski" in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa was set the start of a series of meetings - discussions with young parents in a situation of social risk on EDU_FIN project .The meeting was attended by young Roma women, who enthusiastically discussed what financial literacy is and why it is important. Participants completed a questionnaire in which they indicated various topics in financial literacy that were interesting and important to them and who wished to obtain more information. Among the topics were: Insurance and insurance...

30.09.2015Volunteer to CIDT Amalipe is participating in the preliminary meeting of the Child Rights Connect in Switzerland

  On October 8 in Geneva will be held a preliminary session of the Committee on the Child Rights. Valeriya Ivanova, who is a volunteer to Amalipe and also participate in the informal group "The big thing" has been selected to participate in the preliminary meeting of the Child Rights Connect. Learn more at:  
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