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11.04.2014Many school initiatives for International Roma Day

  Lovech District Festive concert on the occasion of International Roma Day gave students from groups EPA "Ethnic Folklore - Roma Folklore" led by Maya Kostadinova. Popular Roma songs filled the school lobby during the big school break. Initiatives at "Bacho Kiro" Primary school- Letnitsa will continue at the upcoming festival of student art "Different but Together" , which will include more students. In "Vasil Levski" High school - Troyan brief historical talk honored the memory of Roma perished during the Holocaust. Pleven District "Father Paisii" Primary school...

11.04.2014Center Amalipe held a national compaign for the International Roma Day

  Different initiatives all over the country were organized by Center “Amalipe” in the occasion of 8th of April – International Roma Day. “Sun shine is equally for all of us” was the slogan of the campaign. “Youth is Tolerance” YTFG’s and the Centers for community development (CCD) under Center Amalipe and lots of schools took part in this initiative in a national level.This is how the campaign was held: Veliko Tarnovo:On the 7th of April volunteers of “Youth is Tolerance” – Veliko Tarnovo held an informational...

08.04.2014Roundtable meeting of the Minister of Education and Science with medical students and health workers of Roma origin on the occasion of April 8th - International Roma Day

“Your mission is Enlightenment - to keep and care for the health of all your friends, colleagues and members of your community", said Education Minister Prof. Klisarova to the medical students of Roma origin, on the occasion of World Health Day and professional holiday of the people working in health. On the occasion of International Roma Day on April 8th the Ministry of Education and Science and Center Amalipe held a Round Table "My path to the University". Roma students studying in medical colleges and universities across the country, as well as health professionals...

06.04.2014The first evaluation of the European Commission for the implementation of National Roma strategies by the Member States

The Report on the implementation of the EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies  was published by the European Commission on the 4th of April and presented on the same day in Brussels during the third European Roma Summit. Тhe report (and its related documents) is essentially the first assessment by the European Commission how Member States of the European Union implement their national strategies for Roma integration adopted in 2011 as a result of the Commission's Communication "EU Framework for National Roma integration strategies" and the subsequent decision...

04.04.201475 representatives of the Roma community of Novi Pazar enrolled in school

On April 14, 2014 classrooms of Novi pazar will host 75 people from the local Roma community. Community moderators to CIEDT "Amalipe" in the municipality of Novi Pazar, found out in their field work, that the majority of the adult Roma population were not educated and even some of them were illiterate. This gives rise to many difficulties in working with families both in terms of prevention of school dropout of Roma children and in terms of issues like overcoming early marriages and early pregnancies, violence, use of psychotropic substances, participation of parents towards...
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