18.01.2017The old capital hosted events dedicated to Vasilitsa

Institutions in Veliko Tarnovo opened their doors and hearts to welcome a group of students, wishing health, success and prosperity. Students from Primary School "PRSlaveikov" in the village of Dzhulyunitsa visited the District administration of Veliko Tarnovo for the Roma New Year. The children had prepared a reconstruction of old Roma customs and legends. Students and their leaders surprised the governor and his deputies with pastry with fortune. They have prepared handmade cards with wishes that were given to the employees in the administration. Children wished health to...

17.01.2017Important questions and answers about the creation of the unified schools

The first five months of this year will be key for the development of Bulgarian education. Not because of political changes and the expected changes of education ministers, but because of the fact that, according to the new educational law the end of May 2017 is the deadline of identifying which primary schools will be transformed into "unified" (ie teaching students to 10 grade), and which schools will be "innovative". United and innovative schools have the potential to modernize Bulgarian education to a much greater extent than any education minister. Therefore months to the...

13.01.2017Amalipe will celebrate Vassilitsa in Sofia and the country, what to expect?

"Friday, thirteenth" is not a bad combination! On the contrary, if coupled with the holiday Vassilitsa, the thirteenth day of January on Friday will bring new hopes and new bridges! For the eighth consecutive year, on January 13, 2017, students from dozens of schools nationwide participating in the program "Every student will be a winner" will organize celebrations on the occasion of Vasilitsa - the Roma New Year under the slogan "To rebuild the bridges between us." They will be received by Vice President Popova, ambassadors of USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Denmark,...

10.01.2017To marry the ghetto ...

The first week after the New Year is so hungry for news that it is not very difficult Zlatka, snow and chutney to divide our society. I am not going to talk about snow and chutney. Not that for Zlatka was not spoken enough; we talk about it every year ... and most of those who talk most, remained just talking, to have something to talk again next year ... I mean some people, who often go to Brussels and Strasbourg...  And the girls like Zlatka were not married now. They were married when they were born ... they were married the ghetto. Close your eyes for a moment and...

06.01.2017Is Ministry of Education stimulating early births?

Investment in education is the best prevention of early marriages and early pregnancies. National survey conducted by the Center "Amalipe" and "Open Society" Institute shows that every higher level of education rose the age for early marriage with three years and each year in school is important. Law on pre-school and school education "cut" classes in primary schools from eight to seven. The law allows primary schools in villages to become "united" (ie teaching students till 10th grade), but now the Ministry of Education discusses criteria that will make impossible the development...
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