30.06.2014Work meeting with school principals working under the Program Every student could be a winner

The scientifically-practical conference named Intercultural Education as a means of reducing the dropout of Roma children from school, held in great interest from 26 to 28 June in Veliko Tarnovo was followed by a meeting with school principals working under the programEvery student could be a winner, implemented by CIEDT,, Amalipe" with the financial support of the Trust for social achievement.              The program involved 170 schools across the country and the majority of school principals participated in the...

30.06.2014Sharing of best practices for second consecutive year

A two-day national scientific - practical conference "Intercultural education as a means of reducing the dropout of Roma children out of school" was held on 25 and June 26, 2014 in Veliko Tarnovo on the initiative of CIEDTAmalipe. The halls of the Regional Government, the host of the forum were filled with teachers, principals, representatives of six RIEs in the country, academics and local education experts. The reports were broadcast as the best ones during the June Regional conferences in 15 districts in the country.       The conference was opened...

30.06.2014The support for the people distressed by the floods continues

June 30: Volunteers from the Community Development Center in Etropole, which is part of the network of Centers designed by Amalipe Center, joint the in activities for clearing Asparuhovo,  Varna after the flooding. The volunteers will stay in the affected area until July 4. They help in the cleanup process of the worst affected streets in the neighborhood, and their help is open to all residents, regardless of ethnicity.Today to Amalipe sent humanitarian aid packages that were to help the inhabitants in those places. From June 22 to June 27 Centers and Local clubs for Community...

24.06.2014Because there are also Roma volunteers

  Just a couple of days after our country has been hit by the natural calamity, a new calamity has been born in the social networks: a wave of anti-Roma hatred – “Why there are no Gypsy volunteers?”, “Gypsies are just queuing for up for aids”, “Gypsies are guilty” – these are just few of the titles in the social networks (happily they are not so explicit in the official media, but still …) So what is going on? Or maybe it is easier to blame Roma instead of looking for those who are really guilty? And if Roma have been...

24.06.2014Regional scientific - practical conferences "Intercultural education as a means of reducing the dropout of Roma children out of school" - Silistra, Shumen, Targovishte and Varna

The regional scientific - practical conference in Silistra, Shumen, Varna and Targovishte were organized and conducted in exceptional interest and active participation. The conferences were held within the Programme "Every student could be a winner", implemented by the Centre "Amalipe" in 170 schools throughout the country, with financial support from the Trust for social achievement.The conference in Silistra was attended by the head of RIE Silistra Mrs. Gabriela Mitkova, senior expert Pepa Lazarova and many principals. To their greetings, words of encouragement to the participants...
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