08.04.2020Everything passes, but the stories we create will remain to inspire.

  "There is something much more powerful than any army in the world - and this is an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo "Don't ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." John Kennedy Every day is a test and struggle for survival of every human being. Some have and others do not, some can and others can not, but one we know we are all equal before the pandemic COVID 19, but it will pass sooner or later, but will continue to be equal to the world that surrounds us or continue to blame us for being different. Will they even remember...

07.04.2020The message of one director

We share with you the words of one of the principals whose school is part of the "Every Student Will Be Excellent" network because it is valid for every teacher at the moment. And the words are infinitely correct and correct: "I thought for a very, very long time before writing this post. I was wondering how to choose the right words so that I would not hurt anyone but at the same time encourage those who deserve him. I was provoked by the words of a teacher today and those words they keep pounding in my head and not giving me rest! The Bulgarian teacher should not be stressed!...

07.04.2020Adopt a school and become digital friends: Campaign 'Old equipment for a new beginning' gaining momentum

  More than 180 schools across the country have stated that they need 6,500 devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers to deliver quality distance learning for all their students. This happened in the first three days after the launch of the "Old Technique for a New Beginning" campaign to support education. Through it, the Amalipe Center and schools in the Every Student Network will excel at institutions, companies, organizations, and citizens to donate appropriate devices - tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers to schools, which will, in turn, provide them...

06.04.2020Educational mediators distribute educational materials in neighborhoods of children who do not have access to distance education

As the national campaign organized by the Amalipe Center - 'Old Technique for a New Beginning', runs, educational mediators distribute educational and information materials in neighborhoods and neighborhoods. The aim is to cover as many neighborhoods and neighborhoods as possible so that more information can be made available to citizens in populated areas. At the same time, it aims to reach all children who cannot participate in distance learning by providing study materials, worksheets to address by educational mediators prepared by teachers and class leaders. Again, this...

06.04.2020We drawn the first 30 schools that will begin to receive the collected donated equipment

The first 30 schools to start receiving electronic devices as part of the Old devices for a new Beginning Campaign were drawn randomly on April 2. Since 178 schools have stated the need for 6645 electronic devices since the start of the campaign, the Amalipe Center team initially decided that schools should receive up to 10 devices. This will be done step by step according to the technique received in the meantime, aimed at distribution by Amalipe. Amalipe Center launches the National Old Technique for a New Beginning campaign on March 25, after finding that 25% of the 200...
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