24.04.2019Educational experts discussed the perspectives of quality education in multicultural environment

Heads and experts of Regional Education Departments across the country discussed the prospects for quality education in multicultural environment. The meeting was held in the village of Arbanassi on 16th and 17th of April 2019 and was organized by Amalipe Center with the financial support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Trust for Social Achievement. Within two days, the current developments and challenges for educational integration policies and the role of REDs in them were discussed. The main topics included in the discussion were desegregation and full range of...

22.04.2019Is the Council of Ministers approving the Karakachanov's "Concept for the Roma"?

In his letter dated April 11, the Deputy Prime Minister Karakachanov submitted to the Council of Ministers a revised version of his "Concept for the Roma". A day later, the document was uploaded for public discussion at the public consultation portal  Karakachanov's goal is the"Concept" to be adopted by a decision of the Council of Ministers within days.  A "Concept of Changes in the Policy for Integration of Gypsy (Roma) Population and Measures for Their Implementation" was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Karakachanov in early February. It followed...

22.04.2019Round table of the Minister of Education Valchev and Roma teachers was held

From 2020 on, the schools will receive additional funds to their delegated budgets for modernizations of the educational process. They will be able to use the funding for innovations, improving the quality of education, including buying necessary equipment. The idea is every school to become a generator of innovations, developed according to the local specifics. This was stated by the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev during a meeting with Roma teachers, organized by Center “Amalipe” and the Ministry of Education and Science on 8th of April.  More than...

14.04.2019Gabrovo on April 12 - fear for the children is rising

Gabrovo on April 12 A large part of the Roma families temporarily left Gabrovo, and for the second day there are almost no Roma children at schools. The gendarmerie is located near the places with Roma houses, but the police show rather frustration, urging more Roma citizens from Gabrovo to spend the next few days with relatives in other municipalities. The tension and uncertainty among the Roma in the city are extremely strong, having in mind the expected protest tomorrow - Saturday, April 13, in which Plovdiv football fans are expected to take part.  Despite the increased...

12.04.2019April 11: Fear for the Children in Gabrovo

Roma people in Gabrovo do not believe the words of Deputy Prime Minister Karakachanov that "the situation in Gabrovo is under control" and the few of them, who remained in the city are afraid of their lives. Many Roma left the city and moved temporarily to their relatives' homes in other municipalities, after five Roma houses that had nothing to do with the crime / beating of April 7 were ruined by protesters on April 10th .    The colleagues from the Amalipe team in Gabrovo say that: - there is a great fear among the Roma - not only concerning their property,...
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