20.07.2018School at the sea 2018 adventure or the emotions of the first summer camp,held within theTogether we find solutions Project

  During the sunny June 2018, "Amalipe" Center managed to make come true the dreams of nearly 100 children, part of the students included in the Together we find solutions Project. Some of the students have never been to the sea side before. Within five unforgettable days, the participants gained enthusiasm and emotions, saw a botanical garden for the first time, the Queen Maria's palace, dolphins and of course the sea and the fine sand of the beaches of Kranevo. In the early dawn of June 20, a group of 100 students, together with their teachers from 12 schools involved...

02.07.2018STOP EDUCATIONAL SEGREGATION: Declaration on refusal of Roma students admission in the 9th Primary School in Blagoevgrad

On 29th of June, a post on the facebook page of the Nineth Peyo Yavorov Primary School in Blagoevgrad was published, containing the sentence "We do not admit children of Roma ethnicity". Without declaring it outloud, dozens of school principals across the country follow the same "policy." As a result, the so called "elite" schools, where are taught only children of Bulgarian ethnic group, were formed in the big cities and small towns, turning more than a hundred schools in the same settlements into secondary-segregated. Although the schools are located in Bulgarian neighborhoods...

27.06.2018Annual Meeting of the National Network for Children

From June 14th to June 16th, in the town of Tryavna was held the Annual Meeting for  2018 of the National Network for Children, which brought together more than 70 organizations working for the well-being and prosperity of children. The first panel of the program was on the subject "Values that unite us" and reviewed and assessed the common values and shared understanding of the 150 organizations that are part of the Children's Network. Within the program, thematic working groups of the representatives organizations in the fields of Education, Health and Early Childhood...

27.06.2018National Meeting of the Board of Principals for Intercultural Education

On May 15 Center Amalipe held the annual meeting of the Board of Principals for Intercultural Education. It brings together over 240 school principals from all over the country working under the Every Student will be a Winner-2 Program, funded by the Trust for Social Achievement. The meeting started with an intellectual challenge by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yosif Nunev. In his presentation "Gypsy Work in Bulgarian Education", he addressed one of the biggest problems of quality education of Roma children - the segregation. The presentation raised many questions and a lively discussion....

26.06.2018Travelling seminar 'Multicultural school management and transforming school into a community center' was held

For a second consecutive year Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe" - Veliko Tarnovo organized a travelling seminar 'Multicultural school management and transforming school into a community center' in order to share good practices with schools and non-governmental organizations in the sphere of education integration from Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Serbia. The aim of the seminar was to familiarize students with European and Balkan education systems to promote open and flexible learning, explore innovative practices, exchange and share best practices...
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