27.12.2018Financing Ordinance Changes - what do they provide?

The state budget pledges to finance extracurricular activities at school and municipal level; resources for additional work with vulnerable groups will also be provided for an average level and schools and kindergartens will be able to engage with them NGOs; the education ministry provides more opportunities for forming classes with fewer students. This became apparent after the promulgation of the amendments to the Financing Ordinance, published in the State Gazette, no. 105 on 18.12.2018. State and municipal schools will receive additional funds annually for the organization...

03.12.2018Additional funds for working with vulnerable groups will be provided to secondary schools as well

In 2019 vocational schools and all other types of secondary schools will receive funding for working with vulnerable groups, similar to primary schools. That became certain from the National Budget Act approved for 2019 by the National Assembly and from the amendments to the Financing Ordinance. In 2018, for the first time, the Ministry of Education and Science distributed nearly BGN 24 million between schools and kindergartens to work with children and students from vulnerable groups. They were provided only to students up to seventh grade, with primary and secondary school...

19.11.2018The first 15 projects under the Integrated Procedure "Socio-Economic Integration ..." are approved: what is to be done under Component 1?

Fifteen municipal projects have already been approved under Component 1 of the "Socio-Economic Integration ..." procedure, co-financed by the Human Resources Development and Science and Education for Smart Growth Operational Programs. Leading beneficiaries are the municipalities of Borovo, Nikola Kozlevo, Yakimovo, Lukovit, Tundzha, Pavlikeni, Sredets, Gulyantsi, Boichinovtsi, Polski Trambesh, Isperih, Strazhitsa, Krasna Polyana - Sofia, Kaspichan and Shabla. Each project has been developed in partnership with an NGO, a school / kindergarten and an employer. Approved projects...

17.11.2018Bulgarian Deputy PM Valery Simeonov finally resigned!

On November 16 Valery Simeonov, Deputy Prime minister and ultra-nationalist, prominent with numerous public scandals, finally resigned from the government. This happened after one-month street protests organized by mothers of children with disabilities. The beginning of  Simonov’s mandate termination was marked by his interview on October 19 in which he called mothers of children with disabilities “laughing women” and their children – “pseudo ill”. This statement provoked immediate  reaction and sharp disagreement of citizens,...

12.11.2018 The Sixth National Meeting of Student Parliaments was held in Sliven

Last year, I told you a story about tolerance and friendship (see here). And if you think I'm exaggerating - you're lying yourself, because this year it happened again in front of our eyes - even more beautiful and real. For a sixth consecutive year Amalipe Center gathered over 100 young, positive and active people in Sliven. The leadership Academy - "School of Tolerance" was held from 1st to 4th of November at Sport Palace Hotel and assembled representatives of the student parliaments established within the project "Every student will be a winner" funded by the Trust for Social...
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