27.03.2020The National Electronic Library of the Ministry of Education and Science started

National Electronic Library of Teachers / Repository of Electronic Content / created by the Ministry of Education and Science and provides the opportunity for publishing and sharing by pedagogical specialists of author's educational, didactic and methodological materials for work in an electronic environment - video tutorials, training programs, innovative methodologies, tests, films, exercises, entertaining pedagogy, presentations and, most of all, projects that relate both to autonomous performance in an electronic environment and with research, student work, curiosity,...

26.03.2020National campaign 'Old Devices for a New Beginning' in support of education

Dear friends (I dare to turn to everyone, because what the crisis has managed to do is make us friends) Humanity faces one of the greatest ordeals that the world remembers and is forced to survive in extraordinary conditions, which present us with many challenges every day, but also opportunities to build, to unite, to rethink all values, and most for a new beginning. One of the biggest challenges in social exclusion is to prevent one of its driving mechanisms from being denied, the heart of the community - education. The solution to this is in distance learning, which has...

26.03.2020For the power to be of service to society

Dear readers, in these difficult days, however, you can always find a dose of happiness that is found in your villages, cities, and why not homes. Today's article is about what it is like to be an educational mediator during a state of emergency. Some people downplay their work, others do not understand it and others do not appreciate it, but today in almost every city in Bulgaria there are educational mediators appointed to schools and kindergartens, with their total number exceeding 1000. As of Friday, 13 On March 1, a one-month state of emergency was introduced in Bulgaria,...

26.03.2020Distant learning: an opportunity for the development of education or a prerequisite for deepening educational inequalities

The coronavirus threat and the state of emergency have set an important task for school education in Bulgaria: to make a huge leap into the 21st century; the catalyst: the introduction of distant learning. The unprecedented situation, however, has posed a major challenge for the Bulgarian education system: to modernize so as not to deepen the distance in education and not to open the scissors even further between schools that teach children from vulnerable groups and schools that work with children whose parents have relatively high education and social status.   To...

25.03.2020The role of educational mediators during a state of emergency

The last days have been hard and difficult for all of us. We have to dramatically change our daily lives, get air-conditioned, and be mobilized and responsible. We have to give up our lives for some time being as we used to be. And it's not easy for anyone. But while for some of us it is necessary to adjust, not to go out and work from home, others have to radically change our way of working and introduce completely innovative methods – the teachers. Many of them are now creating digital lessons for the first time and using different ways of working online with students....
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