25.03.2020Schools from the Network “Every Student Will Be an Excellence” They joined in the sewing of protective masks.

With all the information we are currently flooding, it's hard to stay calm. It is difficult to be positive when you constantly listen to black statistics and every news and talk is related to COVID-19. Of course, it is quite normal for us to be interested and to be informed, and so it should be. However, in this period so difficult for all of us, we also need good news. We need hope. That's why I'll try to give it to you today. Make you smile.             Despite the isolation and the fact that we may have felt more...

16.03.2020Dear parents, help for the education of your children!

Dear parents, From 16 March to 30 March, schools and kindergartens will be providing distance learning. This is very important for your children and today they need even more of your support to keep up with school and to handle it so that you can be proud of them!  What does distance learning mean in the next two weeks? There are three things to remember: First, the kids are not on vacation! All these days, they should continue to study, but without attending school. Teachers will send them assignments to work on. This can be done through a computer, phone or other ways...

15.03.2020Distance learning: questions, answers and some practical tips

  Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, all schools must introduce distance learning. This is an open opportunity that not only should we not be scared of, but we can also use to do in school what over the rest of the time, fulfilling thousands of requirements and regulations, we are unable to find time for a little more creativity, creativity, and innovation. The crisis and the challenges it poses can be an appropriate stimulus for needed changes. What practical means of introducing distance learning and what should guide students, teachers and parents What is distance learning? An...

13.03.2020What should schools do today and in the coming days?

The Council of Ministers proposes to the National Assembly the introduction of a state of emergency because of the expanding coronavirus epidemic. One of the urgent measures will be the closure of schools, kindergartens, and universities. What should schools do today and in the coming days? Despite the crisis, today, March 13, is still a school day. The closure of schools, kindergartens and universities can only take place after the National Assembly has approved the proposal for a state of emergency and after an order has been issued by the relevant mayor, governor or the...

09.03.2020Center Amalipe cancels all planned mass events by the end of March

In connection with decisions of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria due to the established epidemiological situation in the country and the preventive measures for the prevention of influenza diseases, acute respiratory diseases, incl. and severe acute respiratory infections, as well as the spread of COVID-19, Center Amalipe postpones all planned events, which are related to gathering more participants in one place until the end of March or until the situation in the country is normalized. Until the situation...
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