05.04.2018Sunny Barcelona gathered Roma women from whole Europe for the Second International Roma Women Congress

The Spanish foundation “Drom Kotar” organized the Second International Roma Women Congress in the Pearl of the Mediterranean Barcelona ( the first Congress was held in 2010)  In the end of March the hosts of the event welcomed Roma women from 15 countries in Europe. Bulgaria was represented by a group of women, sent by Center Amalipe. The six participants – young girls and women, working on different programs of Center Amalip, with main focus on empowering Roma women and early marriage prevention.  The Congress started with spectacular opening...

05.04.2018Fifteen ambassadors discussed the Roma integration.

Ambassadors from  the  Roma Inclusion Ambassadors Group and the Swiss ambassadors from 6 Balkan countries discussed current challenges  in the policies of Roma integration with the Chairman of Center Amalipe Deyan Kolev. It happened to a meeting, organized on 13th March from H.E. Dennis Knobell, ambassador of Switzerland in Bulgaria and co-chairman of The Roma Inclusion Ambassadors Group.  By welcoming the guests, H.E. Ambassador Knobell emphasized on the engagement of Switzerland, as well of The Roma Inclusion Ambassadors Group, with the partners support...

05.04.2018Deputy Head of the German Embassy, Mr. York Schuegraf visited Center Amalipe

The Head of the political department of the Embassy of Germany in Bulgaria Mr. York Schuegraf and his team visited Center for interethnic dialog and tolerance “Amalipe” in Veliko Tarnovo on 19th of March 2018. During the meeting in front of the guests were presented the main activities of the Center and the programs, that organization is working on for more than 8 years.  During the meeting the diplomat stated, that the German embassy is highly engaged with providing a solution for the problems of the Roma people in Europe and sees Amalipe as the most active...

05.04.2018Training of active parents from Southern Bulgaria was held by Amalipe Center

  Nearly 60 parents from South Bulgaria took part in training “Active parents for successful children”, organized by Center Amalipe from 23th to 25th of March in “Bryasta” Resort near Veliko Tarnovo. The participants are part of the Parents clubs and the Community councils in the schools, working on project “Every student will be a winner – 2” and are part the Network of Center Amalipe.   The bad weather and the snow, that surprised all, didn’t scare the young parents and local activists, who arrived at the training....

23.03.2018Center Amalipe held training for active volunteers in Etropole and Novi Pazar

On 10th and 17th of March 2018 Center Amalipe held one-day training for active volunteers at the Community Development Centers in Etropole and Novi Pazar . The topic was "How to effectively develop volunteering in a given location". 121 volunteers in Etropole and 42 volunteers in Novi Pazar participated in the training. The participants learned about the problems of the Roma community - low levels of education and health status, early marriages and dropping out of school. Marko Georgiev and Aldin Stefanov presented in front of the community their field work and shared the...
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